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Don't Underestimate the Power of Your Vision to Change the World - Leroy Hood

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Your Vision to Change the World – Leroy Hood

Your power is immense. You can change the world.

The secret is that you already change the world every day whether you intend to or not. The decision to coast along within other people’s definition of you, minimizing your impact, or to strive forward and actively shape the world around you is your decision to make. No one can make it for you.

Your power comes from combining your vision with your actions. A vision without action is merely a daydream. A fantasy. A phantom. Action without vision is chaos. Inefficient. Ineffectual.

Embrace your vision by taking actions consistent with your vision and the world will change positively. Dream. Dream big. Act. Act in accordance to your dream. The power is yours.

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For twenty years, Tim Wolski conceived, created, and monitored initiatives to influence, inspire, and motivate consumers, field sales, and executives to achieve more. In 2015, Tim launched Wolski Success Partners to offer this experience to professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs. Please see his blog at www.wolskisuccesspartners.wordpress.com for insights and advice on how to achieve more through self-motivation, determination, and positive habits.


  1. Very true! We all have incredible powers when we choose to activate it and use it =)

  2. Oh I really love this ????
    Thanks for sharing such words of wisdom

  3. Thank you for your always positive inspiration! Make this weekend awesome!

  4. Inspiring feed! Captivative reading! I’m seriously impressed… Am looking forward to reading more on the positive position you take in life πŸ™‚

  5. Loved reading this post. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Thank you, everyone. I really appreciate the kind words.

  7. Having a vision and the power to see it through will bring you more prosperity! Another fav post!

  8. This is great. We can change the world; and in fact as you already say we change the world everyday already one way or the other. I like what you say about vision and action. Top list post.

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