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Every Strike Brings Me Closer to the Next Home Run - Babe Ruth

Every Strike Brings Me Closer to the Next Home Run – Babe Ruth

Taking the steps in life to challenge one’s fears can be a very daunting task – In many ways, when we look at what we must do to succeed, the situation seems like a catch-22. How can we possibly begin to face our challenges when that very act is what we fear so much? What if instead of achieving our goals, we fail? What if by trying to do our best, we somehow manage to do the exact opposite?

The fact of the matter is that without attempting to make progress, we never will. While it may appear to happen in some cases, no one becomes truly prosperous overnight. True happiness, fortune, and love takes time and perseverance.

It is true that every time we try something new – or old for that matter – there’s the chance that we won’t do as well as we would have hoped. We cannot see into the future and therefore, we can never know for sure how bad or good something will turn out. However, there is one thing that is for sure – if you never make an effort, you’ll never reap the possible benefits.

Instead of looking at every ‘strike out’ as a sign of failure, we need to look at those times as a chance that next time will be better. Besides, if you’re striking out, that at least means that you’re trying, and that’s what’s important.

Every Strike Brings Me Closer to the Next Home Run – Babe Ruth
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  1. Great post. I believe every step is progress and even if we don’t get the results we expect, we are closer to that outcome than if we didn’t do anything.

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