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Problems Are Not Stop Signs, They Are Guidelines - Robert H. Schuller

Problems Are Not Stop Signs, They Are Guidelines – Robert H. Schuller

When we are faced with difficult choices, problems, or issues, one of the first things we are tempted to do is to give up. Trying to constantly overcome our obstacles can be exhausting.

Even though many of us try our hardest on a consistent basis, it can be hard having faith in ourselves. After all, it’s hard not to look around and feel as if others are living the lives we wish we had. So often we wonder why we have to go through such difficult times.

While it may seem otherwise, being faced with a problem or issue is not a sign that we will never get through our hardships. Rather, problems are guidelines as to what we need to do or change about our lives in order to be successful.

Let us say that you struggle with anxiety. Maybe you find that even the simplest of things have become difficult for you due to constant worry holding you back. Maybe you find that you’re not dedicating enough time to challenging your fears. What can you do to change this for the better? Instead of looking at anxiety as a sign of weakness, you can look at it as a sign that you need to make some positive changes. Perhaps you need to start waking up with a positive attitude and right away, begin facing your fears in small, manageable steps.

We cannot allow our hardships to control our lives. We shouldn’t let negative forces dictate the way we think about ourselves. We are much too important to shut ourselves off from happiness. If you encounter a problem, don’t stop working hard – drive yourself towards breaking the cycle of negativity!

Problems Are Not Stop Signs, They Are Guidelines – Robert H. Schuller
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  • i look at problems not only as guidelines but as a fresh perspective on the subject. i ask myself why is that happening and instead of going the opposite direction to solve it, or running away from it, i see how it can benefit me.

    i recommend reading care of the soul by thomas moore.

    thank you for another great article! <3

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