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Quality Is Not an Act, It Is a Habit - Aristotle

Quality Is Not an Act, It Is a Habit – Aristotle

You may have heard the saying that quality is better than quantity, but sometimes the two go hand in hand. Quality does not happen overnight. In order for us to be able to hold onto our progress, we must be able to exercise facing our fears and working on challenging ourselves on a consistent basis – turning healthy activities into healthy habits.

Many obstacles in life go from simple problems to major issues because they become a habit. We start off by allowing one or two negative thoughts to pass through our minds and, before we know it, we are harping on them. By putting so much concentration on the negative, we make it seem important; real. The more we focus on the thoughts that we should be ignoring and trying hard to get rid of, the more they feel welcome and a permanent part of our lives.

The good news is that we don’t have to give our fears the opportunity of permanence. Instead, we can constantly reassure ourselves that we are stronger than what tries to hold us back; stronger than what makes our hearts and minds ache for freedom.

Quality Is Not an Act, It Is a Habit – Aristotle
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