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The Scariest Moment Is Always Before You Start - Stephen King

The Scariest Moment Is Always Before You Start – Stephen King

If we are prone to thinking negatively, we tend to visualize situations taking a turn for the worse. When facing our fears and anxieties, we may experience a great deal of avoidance – fearing that things won’t go the way we want them to.

The most dreaded time is always going to be right before you take the necessary steps to succeed. Starting something new can be overwhelming and not knowing the outcome can be torturous. However, without taking that leap of faith and trying our hardest, we’ll never be able to see that our fears don’t have to hold us back.

With practice, things get easier. If you set time apart each day to work on building strength and momentum, you will soon see how strong you really are. Soon you will realize that while things are always difficult at first, they get easier and more beneficial the more you work at them. You will find that facing your fears and challenges can be quite rewarding!

The next time you’re considering taking a risk, remember that things are always scariest at the beginning. Just because your fears are trying to convince you that you’re unable to succeed, doesn’t make it so. You can do whatever you put your mind to, it just takes perseverance and trust in yourself.

The Scariest Moment Is Always Before You Start – Stephen King
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