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90% of the Game Is Half Mental- Yogi Berra

90% of the Game Is Half Mental – Yogi Berra

I know Yogi was talking about baseball and I know hearing this makes you scratch your head and say, “What?” This was just one of the many “Yogi-isms” Berra was well-known for, but in reality it is also about as close to an accurate percentage as you are going to get when talking about mental game. I have heard all different numbers thrown around to suggest the effect that your thoughts have on performance, up to 90%. It is true that thoughts have a huge impact on how you perform, not only in baseball or other sports, but in life; as an employee, as an entrepreneur, as a salesperson, as a mother, as boyfriend, as a sister, and perhaps most importantly as an individual.

Our entire environment is the product of thought. Before the industrial revolution there were no mega-cities, no need for skyscrapers to accommodate the influx of new residents and workers, but this one thought created a new world. Before the agricultural revolution, many cultures were nomadic traveling from one grazing field to the next until the thought of sustaining a location through irrigation changed the reality. Society is an outgrowth of thought, and we have slowly been building upon the thoughts of previous generations, translated into reality, to discover more and more possibilities.

That is why it is so important to guard your thoughts to believe in new and greater possibilities. Many people are turned off by the “positive mental attitude” and “positive self-talk” information out there that seems to come with some air of mysticism and trickery, but what I am referring to is not simply blind optimism. Consider the world around you, a world that a mere 50 years ago would have seemed impossible; G.P.S, Personal Computers, Overnight Shipping, Amazon, E-Bay, all of this makes our lives so much more convenient and opens up new possibilities for growth and opportunity. In truth, to say that our thoughts shape our realities is not merely feel-good rhetoric, it is the world we experience every day.

Thoughts are precious things, they have the power to create, to shape the world. They have the power to build up those around you into successful, productive, and happy individuals or lead them down the path of self-doubt, loathing, and misery. To prove that a strong mind is the greatest power on earth you have only to wake up to an alarm clock, or turn on a computer, or go to the zoo. To believe in your future you have only to look in the past of the lives of the greats that came before us or look now to those climbing the ladder of success. Strengthen your mental game and your performance will follow when you act upon your new thoughts.

90% of the Game Is Half Mental – Yogi Berra
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  1. The power of thought is unquestionable. And we produce all those amazing thoughts. We, the producers of those thoughts, are unquestionably amazing. For me, learning to stand back and differentiate between the thought and the process of thought has been very helpful. I am not my thoughts, my thoughts are not me. I am more than my thoughts and wonderful though the process of thinking is, those thoughts are not always helpful. It is not easy to let go of unhelpful thoughts but if they are damaging or detrimental I am learning that I don’t have to take them seriously. They are strings of words which I made up. They don’t have to define who I am or even what I am going to do in the next five minutes. Thanks for the post. Thought provoking!

  2. Great Post, and so true…I find that living with Chronic P.T.S.D., is such a struggle, and you don’t always have control on how your body will react, but positive thinking about many things, and building myself up, when I feel least like doing so, has helped ten fold! Thanks for this post. You Have Been Heard!

  3. Thanks for sharing this great reminder that so much (if not all) of our actions and emotions start with our thoughts. It is a constant practice for me to be able to step back and really see what is behind both the positive and negative feelings.

  4. Thank you so much Corrine, Caryn and ibeaheard for the all the encouragement. My goal is to share all the positive energy I can and if one person walks away feeling more positive because of something I shared I feel that I have done my job. Thank you for taking the time to let me know I made a difference.

  5. Brilliant!!! love the article

  6. Awesome post. I couldn’t agree more. : )

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love the content of your blog and this post. Positive thoughts breed positive outcomes. Agreed! 🙂

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