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A Change in Habits Brings a Change in Life - Unknown

A Change in Habits Brings a Change in Life – Unknown

Today, take some time to step back from your daily habits and do some reevaluating. 

Do your daily routines line up with your goals for a better life?  Have they begun to sidetrack you from your ultimate life vision for yourself?  Take a little bit of time today to review your habits.  Reexamine your goals and readjust your game plan you’ve set up to get yourself there. 

We all have responsibilities in life that demand our attention, but we must also keep mindful of ours goals and ultimate life vision and notice how in all areas of life they tie together.  Sometimes we have to stop and remind ourselves of where it is we want to go, who we want to become, and take notice if we are on the right track.

Taking just a little bit of time today to realign your habits and actions will make a huge difference in the days and months to come.

A Change in Habits Brings a Change in Life – Unknown
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  1. Since recent events have caused Facebook to become so loaded with negativity, I have changed this daily habit: I will check my FB feed a couple of times a day, but have decided that the minute I come across anything negative or hateful, I’ll just leave FB and check out something else more positive – Instagram, Pinterest or one of my blog readers. It is the intentional decision not to let negativity invade my life. The same can be accomplished with the news “Off” button!

  2. Wow! Great post. I wrote something like this as well on my blog today too. I really like the articles posted here.

  3. Just what I needed to read today! Thank you for sharing.

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