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A Problem Is a Chance for You to Do Your Best – Duke Ellington

A Problem Is a Chance for You to Do Your Best – Duke Ellington

We all struggle. Whether we struggle with something as normal as the everyday workload or something as complex as anxiety, we all have our own battles. While we may find ourselves wanting to give into the pressures of life, we need to stay strong. Instead of looking at our problems as reasons to give up, we should look at them as reasons to challenge ourselves.

We are already strong enough to get through our issues, but with practice, we get stronger.  Sometimes we may feel weak, but this feeling should only drive us to work harder. When we notice ourselves doing less than great, we need to realize that this is our chance to take control of the situation. We cannot always control what goes on around us, nor should we always try, but we should try to control our reactions.

If we have a problem with someone who is causing us to doubt our ability to reach our goals, we can either distance ourselves from that individual or we can remind ourselves of our progress.  If we encounter a stressful situation, we can look for ways to manage our anxiety.  Allowing what holds us back to make us miserable is the worst thing that we can do, and the only way to stop it from controlling our lives is to take action!

So how do we take charge and use our struggles as motivation to work harder? We realize that the only way to solve the problem is to prove to ourselves that we are stronger than the issue itself. We try our hardest to stay motivated on a daily basis in order to exercise and practice facing our fears! If we look at our problems as a reason or sign that we should give up and take a break from trying to succeed in life, we’re only going to feed our low self-esteem.

There are so many positive reasons to work hard and try our best. The truth is though, that there are also negative aspects of our lives that should be pushing and motivating us. No one is perfect, and none of us are exempt from having a good reason to try to improve our lives!  I encourage everyone to use your ‘problems’ as an excuse to try your hardest to overcome your obstacles. If you find yourself feeling that you need to work on something, do it! I know that it can be difficult, but you have so much to gain by putting all your effort towards accomplishing something positive!

Opportunities to get better are all around us. All of us have problems, but that doesn’t mean that they cannot be solved or at least managed with hard work. We need to stay dedicated to keeping ourselves healthy and we have to realize just how important we are. Just because we struggle that does not make us failures, in fact, as long as we try our best, we can be successful.

A Problem Is a Chance for You to Do Your Best – Duke Ellington
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  1. Love this article, well done! So true. I am always looking for the positive in life and the opportunities! There is so much we can achieve in our lives when we focus and decide to live our dreams and follow our passions. Keep up the good work! Xx

  2. Working hard on our emotional life is as important as working out at the gym! Nice article.

  3. I totally agree! Thank you for the comment.

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