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A Ship Is Safe In Harbor, But That Is Not What A Ship Was Built For – William H. Shedd

A Ship Is Safe In Harbor, But That Is Not What A Ship Was Built For – William H. Shedd

As humans, our lives are full of unlimited possibilities and choices.  We can become, go, or do just about anything our hearts and minds desire.  Yet, most of us will spend our entire lives floating in the safe harbor of our comfort zones, never challenging ourselves to reach our full potential.  Maybe you are one of the many who has become distracted and so entrenched in the daily routines of life that you don’t take the time anymore to dream of the possibilities that lay before you in the ocean of life.  Or maybe you are one of the dreamers, but have let the fear of failure or even success keep you from setting sail toward your goals and dreams.

No matter your reasons for keeping yourself in safe waters, you can decide today to start making a change.  Begin to start challenging yourself into taking on those difficult tasks that will allow yourself to start the process of moving away from the safe harbor of your comfort zone.  Life’s a wonderful adventure, so challenge yourself!  There are talents, abilities, and skills that only YOU can bring into being. 

So don’t continue to deny the world of your unique talents and gifts.  Choose to set your sails toward your dreams today, and don’t allow the fear of hitting some rough waters to delay you from launching.  Live your life with an adventurous edge, be brave, daring, and bold! 

The island where your dreams reside is waiting for you to discover it, do so, and your life will never be the same. 

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A Ship Is Safe In Harbor, But That Is Not What A Ship Was Built For – William H. Shedd
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  1. I like this post a lot. It really is some of the best advice. I first heard that quote from my father and it is very accurate. Safety isn’t always good for us, it often causes more problems than it solves.
    I have reblogged this on my page with a short blurb about my own experiences with stepping out of that harbor.
    Thank you once again for a great post. Subscribing to your feed is a great value for me.

    May the Words be with you!
    Lady Earlene

  2. Great visual with the boats. Where I live, there are beautiful boats that belong to owners who live in other states and never use them. And so they sit there.. these magnificent things..looking good, ready to go, but never taken out in the ocean…

  3. Once again So True…I was going to open a “Dharma Center” I read a book by Deepak Chopra “Creating Affluence” He states that we all have a wonderful gift that we came into this world with..We love it..We are very good at it..And then we go off and find jobs that we are not interested in..just for the pay check..He states that in one of us it is different. And that if we would only choose to enhance this.. that the Universe will provide away for us to provide for ourselves and family thru it naturally. I wonder how many of us is providing for ourselves and our family from what we came into the world.

  4. Excellent post!! So true. Our fears and insecurities often hold us back. When we don’t take the reins of our own power, someone else can! We were created for better things than we allow ourselves!

  5. I like the use of the boat as a means. One that when not used is a waste. 🙂

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