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Google + Banner (2)TheSeeds4Life is a website that provides both inspirational messages and personal development articles.  All are based around a wide range of quotes in the areas of self-development, personal growth, and self-improvement. 

This site was created around the idea that your mind functions like a garden, with your thoughts acting like the Seeds.  The more inspirational or positive thoughts you Seed within your mind, the more flowers you’ll grow.  However, Seed your mind with more thoughts of defeat or negativity, and you’ll surely produce more weeds than flowers. 

Unfortunately, the reality is that the vast majority of our daily thoughts as humans are naturally skewed toward the negative.  This means that if you don’t consciously feed your mind daily with thoughts that are positive and inspiring or thoughts that will help you to grow and develop yourself, you’ll produce those weeds by default.

Many of us are trying to produce a happier, more productive and successful life while continually seeding our minds with negative or self-defeating thoughts. TheSeeds4Life.com was created to be a place where we can all come to find those positive and inspirational Seeds needed to start combating our mental weeds. 

All the messages and ideas on TheSeeds4Life are based around quotes that cover a wide range of topics.  However, we want this site to become more than just another website that provides inspiring and uplifting quotes.  The quotes might be the Seeds, but the inspiring and motivational messages that we add, are the water needed to help them grow. 

We believe providing more than just a quote to read is vital in helping that seed to take root within your mind, heart, and spirit.

This site features both short ( 1-4 paragraph ) “Seed” messages, as well as longer “Articles” in the area of self-development.  Every post, both Articles and Seeds, feature a central quote.  “The Seeds” section is simply a quote, followed by a short inspirational message.  This list includes; Growth, Happiness, Change, Inspiration, Love, Healing, Motivation, Success, Wisdom and many more!

The ultimate goal of TheSeeds4Life is to becoming a community-based self-development website, where its viewers contribute, share, and “plant” their own “Seeds” of encouragement, aimed at inspiring their fellow viewers. 

We at TheSeeds4Life benefit from your words of inspiration just as much as you might benefit from ours.  There is no better feeling than the one you feel when you enlist your own words of encouragement to the benefit and service of others.  We can guarantee you; there is no life like it!

So we hope that you will join us and get involved at TheSeeds4Life. Become an active participant by commenting, sharing posts, and joining our Facebook and other social media pages.  Contribute and plant your own Seeds of inspiration, and enrich the lives of your fellow viewers.

Join us daily, and feed your mind with messages of hope, love, and abundance.  We aim to strengthen your confidence and provide you with motivation, as you move boldly toward cultivating a happier and healthier lifestyle.  Find all the inspiration you’ll need to reach for and accomplish your goals and dreams at TheSeeds4Life. And together, we can grow our best lives!


  1. Thanks for stopping by and visiting. Please come and visit anytime…

  2. this type of content is so needed online – tidy bites of positivity!

  3. Ngobesing Romanus

    This is one of the best sites I have found as I sail through the web. Bravo! I know true to what you believe you will keep going.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m glad you liked it. My goal is to encourage people to take their lives forward into hope, healing and redemption through Jesus. He came to give us an abundant life of freedom, love and grace. I appreciate your helping people to think positively rather than letting those negative thoughts rule us.

  5. @journeythroughacourageouslife. Thank you for the like on my first post about gratitude. I hope you will stop by my blog once I other posts rolling. I also like your blog and am now following you. All the best and thanks again 🙂

  6. thank you for liking my A New Life Mandala 🙂

  7. i am sitting smiling like an idiot, I saw the great saying about the mind being like a garden months ago on a classroom wall, but had no idea where it came from and now I know. Thank you. I will follow your blog with interest. Thank you for visiting mine.