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Action Will Remove the Doubts That Theory Cannot Solve - Tehyi Hsieh

Action Will Remove the Doubts That Theory Cannot Solve – Tehyi Hsieh

When in doubt, do.

When we dream and visualize, the more logical (and scared) side of our brain will often try to keep us from going through with things that are uncertain. The logical side of the brain is too concerned with facts and theories on whether things have and/or will work out or not. It will try to keep you from doing things by coming up with sometimes logical and sometimes non-logical theories and explanations to the dreams that the other half of your brain is dying to fulfill.

But the real fact is that we cannot know anything for sure until we try it. You can never know if something will work out, merely by thinking about it. Action is the only thing that can remove any doubts you might have. Action is the only thing that will take you somewhere. And action is really the only thing we were born for.

It is easy to sit back and be comfortable, but when you get comfortable you also miss out on the things that could have happened if you just gave it a try. So always act upon a dream, an impulse, or a feeling. Rather do too much than not enough, to prevent yourself from regretting not to at least have tried. Who knows, trying something out might actually take you where you always wanted to go…

Action Will Remove the Doubts That Theory Cannot Solve – Tehyi Hsieh
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For years, I have lived by the rule that nothing is too big or too scary to do; anything that anyone else can do, I can do, too. And now, since about a year back, I have decided to make it my life mission to make you understand your abilities and your strengths, to help you live the life you've always dreamed of. It's time we take over that steering wheel of life! It's time we start living our lives and not just waiting for "other stuff" to happen! Join me in my journey, and please, share yours with me over at www.johannarosberg.wordpress.com


  1. Great post. Never, Never get comfortable with anything thats when the world will pull the rug from under you amd reality will shock the hell out of you.

  2. Great post, Johanna, and definitely something I can relate to. So many times we allow the ‘what ifs’ to take over and forget just how strong and competent we really are.

  3. Some actions are best experienced through observing others: especially high risk low reward situations

  4. These suggestions are useful, Johanna, in guiding the way forward. Like too much thinking, even too much knowledge, I have felt, restrains one from acting. But then, it also serves to prevent wasteful expenditure of energy if used with prudence and discretion. So when in doubt, if it is not possible to ascertain more pertinent data, it is always better to act and, in the process, achieve further progression towards the purpose if not the purpose itself.

  5. This is so true. And sometimes, it just takes one small step or decision to set our greater plans into action, even if every detail isn’t figured out. Theorizing about them will only cause more worry or stress over hypotheticals, actually doing as scary as it may be is the only real way to tell. So your post is a wonderful reminder to take action instead of just theorizing on possibilities.

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