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All You Can Change Is Yourself, but Sometimes That Changes Everything! — Gary W. Goldstein

All You Can Change Is Yourself, but Sometimes That Changes Everything! — Gary W. Goldstein

A little change can make a huge difference. And even better—that change can begin with you! Have you ever been faced with a situation or problem that seemed insurmountable? Perhaps you are knee-deep in one of those times right now, feeling as if you are stuck between a rock and steel cold place. Do you feel out of control? The good news is that while you might not have control over the situation or are unable to readily fix the problem, you do have something you can always fall back on. It’s your ace in the hole, and often, when things seem at their darkest point; it may be all you have. You always have control over yourself. 

Having the ability to control how you react to a situation or how you perceive things is the kind of change that makes things better. For when you can change how you look at things, you’ll be surprised at the impact it will have on you and the world around you. Change your outlook and suddenly, you become more positive, more resilient. The obstacles that the world throws at you, no matter how difficult, becomes irrelevant. You simply keep moving forward with your goals. 

We all have the power to change ourselves for the better. It begins with your imagination, that powerful tool that lives deep inside you. Instead of allowing it to dream up an unlimited supply of terrible things that could happen, don’t give the negatives thoughts a chance to take root. Change those negative thoughts and feelings into a positive beacon of light. Instead of using your energy to envision the worst, use it to visualize the absolute best outcome in any given situation. Having the confidence to manage your reactions will not only give you a sense of control, but will also provide you with a life full of purpose and ultimately, joy. After all, you are changing yourself, which changes everything!


All You Can Change Is Yourself, but Sometimes That Changes Everything! — Gary W. Goldstein
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  1. Thank you for this, it may not have been specifically for me, but it is exactly what I need right now. ????

  2. Thank you for this inspiring post. I needed it today. 🙂

  3. Great blog post. Enduring concept.

  4. Such an important message Kayla and an inspiring post. It is a very important reminder. It reminds me of another quote used a lot in recovery: “If nothing changes, nothing changes.”

  5. Very inspiring and thank you for sharing.

  6. Love this! Totally agree! Plus others gravitate toward a person who is always being positive!

  7. Thank you so much! I am glad you enjoyed the post, and I really appreciate and value everyone’s feedback!

  8. annieeread and regulus98, you are welcome! I am so happy this can help you!

  9. Thank you for this post , I read this as my day is beginning and its almost like I had a message in it for me. Its true positive attitude starts from the moment we decide to make a change in ourselves 1st . thanks once again 🙂

  10. MKP, indeed the power of positive thinking is a lasting one, to be carried and abided by throughout our lives.

  11. Thank you, Tiffanyawsumb, I am happy you do!

  12. Caryn, yes that is a great quote. I am glad you found my post inspiring!

  13. amanpan, glad you liked it! 🙂

  14. thebikinibookworm, thank you! Indeed the power of positive thinking should not be underestimated.

  15. You are welcome, elementhealing! 🙂

  16. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  17. All we can really control is ourself anyway…good advice.

  18. Great! Thank you for this! Change is constant and powerful (especially when we change ourselves). Thanks again!


  20. Glad you found it useful, UnicornLiving!

  21. You’re very welcome, Patchious patch. Glad it came at an opportune moment for you, and I hope it kept helping you throughout the day – and always!

  22. You’re welcome, brealche! Glad you enjoyed it! 🙂

  23. Indeed, the only thing within our control is what happens within us and how we act/react to various situations and stimuli. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, 2ndhalfolife!

  24. Changing ourselves for the best is always possible, with work and dedication. Glad you enjoyed it, drjoellindeman. Thanks for reading! 🙂

  25. Thank you, Jonathan Caswell. Same to you! 🙂

  26. The people that impress me most in my life are those that decide to be happy and positive. It’s an incredible talent, but also an effort that just isn’t made by most of us. Thanks for putting this into words and reminding me to aspire to be better, for myself 🙂

  27. Nothing changes if nothing changes and yet the Universe is in constant change.

  28. Thank you for sharing this. It is definitely the truth.

  29. I’m experiencing this right now, and I am learning the exact lessons you are talking about. The mind is a powerful healing tool!

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