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An Obstacle Is Often a Stepping Stone – William Prescott

An Obstacle Is Often a Stepping Stone – William Prescott

The word ‘obstacle’ is almost always viewed negatively. An obstacle is something that stands in the way of success; of progress. However, if we take the time to look at things more positively, we may just come to realize that taking the effort to get over our obstacles is actually making us stronger.

It may cause you a great amount of pain to see yourself struggling or to know that there are things that you must overcome to be truly satisfied. The good news is though that as long as you put your best foot forward and try your hardest to succeed, a difficult time in your life can actually be something you look back on with a smile on your face. Instead of looking back and remembering how miserable you may have been during that time of hardship, you’ll be able to look to the past with relief that your life has changed for the better.

Life is never easy and it is often full of surprises. Though this realization can be frightening, it can also be extremely eye-opening. Since life can turn out a number of different ways, it pushes us to do whatever we can to make our moments on earth something we’re proud of.

If instead of seeing our obstacles as something to turn away from and be afraid of, we face them head on, we can learn methods to embrace and learn from the lessons they have to offer. We can take advantage of our obstacles and use them to challenge ourselves. Our obstacles can be turned into a stepping stone; a tool to push us towards greatness.

An Obstacle Is Often a Stepping Stone – William Prescott
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