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Be Not Afraid of Going Slowly; Be Afraid Only of Standing Still – Chinese Proverb

Be Not Afraid of Going Slowly; Be Afraid Only of Standing Still – Chinese Proverb

Many of us have an idea or a dream and we give up on it when faced with the time it will take to accomplish.  What this proverb teaches us is that we should be more fearful of doing nothing, than fearful of us making too slow of progress.  An idea with no action remains an idea; don’t let yours go to waste because you were intimidated by the time needed to accomplish it, or afraid of what may lie ahead.

Pushing yourself into consistent action is one of the most important skills to learn in life.  That is where the growth of life resides.  When you become static, you lose more than just your goals.  Daily inaction will begin to build upon itself, and soon you will start to lose your confidence, not only in your abilities to accomplish your goals, but yourself as well.  Without self-confidence, and the discipline to get immediately back into action after a bad day, it’s easy for that day to stretch into a week.  A couple bad weeks can quickly grow into months, and all of a sudden, you can find yourself with an entire year that has been static or went backwards.

Discipline yourself to take at least one step forward toward your goals and dreams each day, even if that step is extremely small.  If you have a bad day, forgive yourself, forget about it, and get back into action the very NEXT day! Never allow those days of inaction to begin to link together because that forms a chain that can get extremely strong and difficult to break the longer it becomes.

If you are taking massive action, but find yourself becoming frustrated because your goals are not progressing as quickly as you would have hoped, remind yourself that the only bad progress is no progress.  Know that as long as you do not walk backwards, you are continuing to grow and progress. Success is not a linear process; it will never be a constantly steady upward trending line.  You should never be afraid of advancing through life at a slow pace, for it is far better to grow slowly, than to not grow at all.  Stay focused, stay dedicated, and just take one more step forward.

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Be Not Afraid of Going Slowly; Be Afraid Only of Standing Still – Chinese Proverb
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  1. Thank you for this post. It is taking me a very long time to pick myself back up since my colossal collapse. I am taking my time.

  2. Good article. The love is in the interaction, and the reward is the result of that.

  3. This is all so true! Very good advice. It’s easy to get frustrated, but you have to push on. If there’s an obstacle, find a way to get around it. Thanks for this!

  4. Great post. Just an admin suggestion. When I come onto your site I find that some things take a while to load i.e.the like button. Also I think a lot of people would like to see a like button and comment section out on your preview section. Just saying.

    • Thanks Amanda. The loading issue is just the result of the amount of data, we will try and compress to speed it up as much as we can. For your like button on the preview section, did you mean the homepage? If so, unfortunately that is not possible to do or on the categories page. Thanks for the suggestions!

  5. This is a great article! So many times we get discouraged because of the length of time it takes to make progress. However, progress does not always happen overnight and the important thing is to keep going, to keep trying. I also know from experience that the longer one waits to practice or exercise and the longer one goes without making progress, it takes longer to get back on track. We must try to practice consistently and continue to make small steps so we can succeed!

  6. I really appreciate this post. Such great advice! Thank you.

  7. Great post! Very true! Although we may all agree with the post we, as individuals, must truly examine ourselves and take the necessary steps to improve in every area. Quick question…………….how long have you been blogging? I’m new and need some direction. Thanks much

    • Yes indeed @Personal excellence. This site is very young, it was started just over a month ago on April 29th. I have been blogging for a couple years however. You can always use the contact form and e-mail us with any questions and we’ll try to help best we can. Best to do some searches on google or youtube first for any related information.

  8. Great post. Sometimes we feel like we have to rush and eat that proverbial elephant all at once. By the way, I love this blog so I’ve nominated it for a Liebster Award. If you want to play the rules are here: http://littleblackbelt.com/2015/06/05/ive-been-nominated-for-a-liebster-award/

  9. This is a fantastic post and one I really needed to see. I have struggled with procrastination for a long time and still do. I’ve often been very hard on myself for making small progress or no progress. The good thing is that posts like this and my own daily small steps toward my goals are keeping me motivated. Thank you so much for this post.

    May the words be with you!
    Lady Earlene

  10. Thank you for this post. I love it. I have been struggling to pick myself up because of trying to pursue what I really want to do and I am carrying a heavy load because of that because of the opinion of others. This blog post really touched my heart today.

  11. Just thought I’d let you know that I selected a portion of this post for my blog as the Memorable Quote of the Month for June. Thanks!

  12. Thank you so much.

    The timing of your blog is perfect for me. I had set a date for our on-line healing store to launch. The initial start date I set, came and went a couple of months ago. I have continued to create almost all day everyday and I have taken many classes. Which I am still doing at this moment. I realized that I needed to know everything I have learned from these classes “before” I launch our sweet baby.

    I can honestly say I feel better after I read your blog. OMGoodness I needed to read your blog.

    Thank You so much
    Have the most wonderful Sunday evening,

    1000’s of Blessings to you,

    Rebecca Beard Beckam

  13. It’s much better to regret that u did it than to regret u didn’ t try too.

  14. Another awesome piece. Progress is progress, no matter how quickly you move.

  15. I need what this says right now. Is there a way to ‘follow’ your blog through wp? I’d also like to share this post on my blog as well.

    • @sleeping tiger, the best way to follow is to just input your e-mail in the section to the right. It functions similar to the follow button. Or you can follow the RSS feed. Hope that helps!

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