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The Best Kind of Happiness Is a Habit You're Passionate About - Shannon L. Alder

The Best Kind of Happiness Is a Habit You’re Passionate About – Shannon L. Alder

Last week my dear friend and colleague went on extended leave from work. I came in the next morning sad she wouldn’t be there, but there on my desk she’d left me a present. A pen, a notebook and a card with this quote on it. She knew how much I loved my writing and how important it was to me and her gift totally acknowledged that. It got me thinking about two things; the first was how special it is to have thoughtful people in your life and second was how lucky am I to have a passion. 

I hope you have people in your life who make you feel special and valued. It’s like having a present which we mustn’t take for granted. It made me question if I acknowledge the passions and hobbies of the people in my life enough. Instead of asking a generic, “How are you?” I’ve been trying to be more specific, asking questions about their interests, “How is your photography going?” And it is amazing to feel the energy and enthusiasm in their response and that in turn fosters a deeper connection between us. So take the time to acknowledge the passions of friends and family specifically because it’s wonderful to see the people you care about energized and happy.

On a personal note this quote rang true at a different level. There is a deep-seated contentment in doing something you’re passionate about. The time spent goes quickly and it is the act of doing rather than reward which consumes you. I think when you do something wholeheartedly you devote your concentration to it. While that can be tiring, it is actually a gift to be able to concentrate on something fully, without compromise. It’s like your brain breathes a huge sigh of joyful relief that it only has to focus on one thing.

So embrace the pleasure your passions and hobbies bring you, let them release creativity and enthusiasm. And at the same time recognize and acknowledge passions in your nearest and dearest. After all happiness can be fleeting, so nurture it in yourself and the people you care about.

The Best Kind of Happiness Is a Habit You’re Passionate About – Shannon L. Alder
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  1. I like this post.
    I think talking to people about their specific interests and hobbies enhances the relationship.
    If you meet somebody you have not seen in a while and you say ” How are things?”
    they often respond with ” same old or much the same, what about yourself?”
    but when you ask a specific question about their interests or hobbies, they can talk forever.

  2. This post really rings true for me – genuine questions about my passions and interests always mean so much to me. I feel like that person is really invested in me.

  3. This post is great. I recently came face to face with my passion for psychology and decided to go to school for it. I’m extremely happy about it, and also extremely happy that I had a journey of trying this and that and really finding out what was for me and what really was not.

    I also like the part about asking people about their interests/passions…that makes a HUGE difference from the tired old “hello” that everybody seems to say without thinking. I’m going to make it a point to do that because it’s important to get people talking, not just for the sake of talking, but for talking about what they’re truly passionate about.

    Thanks for this post – means a lot!


  4. Amazing post! I definitely embrace what I love but I do need to make it a habit to discuss other people’s interest. Getting someone to open up about their passion can be a day changer for them. Love it, thanks!

  5. I always thought about my passion. Tried to understand if i’m crazy for anything in my life. And finally I realized it when I met him, my one and only one pass in my life.

  6. This is such good advice and not something you hear very often. It’s so true though-when people ask me about my passions or hobbies, it’s as though they’ve taken a vested interest in me. It’s really becomes the question of a true friend 🙂

  7. It’s such a simple idea – I will be putting this into practice, wonderful way of putting people at ease and showing true interest, many thanks for sharing.

  8. Lots of ideas I can take from this X

  9. Yes! I just had a client give me a “Stress-relieving” bubble bath oil. I love winding down my night with baths so its cool to have people who are thoughtful and go out of their way for you to show their appreciation for you. <3

  10. Thanks Charlie, your post makes my thought for the day…best wishes.

  11. Thank you, thank you, thank you for writing this. It’s a great little reminder for all of us. 🙂

  12. Excellent piece and inspiring and sweet!

  13. Well said. Couldn’t agree more!

  14. I love to love myself. Do you love you?

  15. This was one of the most inspirational pieces I’ve read all day! Thank you! ❤️☺️❤️

  16. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments. I’m still working on how to reply individually! But what I can say is how great it is to be part of the seeds4life community. Like you I follow the site and am continually inspired by different thoughts and ideas.

  17. I love the idea about asking something less generic and more specific. It makes you a better student of those around you. Great post.

  18. I so appreciated the truth of this post. When you are truly passionate about something you do it because you love doing it. It was crazy and hectic this week but I couldn’t wait to get back to doing what I love. I also agree that we should encourage our family and friends when they are passionate about something. Thanks for sharing this post!

  19. An interestingly and great post. I hadn’t thought that there can be pleasure in letting others share their interests as well, as my own. Although, I have found that the pleasure grows immensely if you find one another having similar or the same interests/passions it can be exciting and help yours grow.

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