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Don't Be Fooled by the Calendar. There Are Only as Many Days in the Year as You Make Use of – Charles Richards

Don’t Be Fooled by the Calendar. There Are Only as Many Days in the Year as You Make Use of – Charles Richards

How long does it take before we all realize that time is the only true possession that we own as humans? We are always cognizant of it. We make choices about how we choose to use it and whom we will spend it with. We clamor for more of it when something feels good and despise its rigidity when we are in the midst of a difficult experience. At the end of the day the use of it is the only thing you are able to control. The sooner you recognize this fact, the more productive you will become.

It seems as though the older you become the more life pulls at you from various angles. First there’s college, your profession, maybe a spouse and kids. Before you know it, you are no longer in control of your calendar. I would venture to say that most adults have what constitutes a full day from the moment they awake until they engage in the sweet bliss known as slumber at the end of a tough day. It all adds up; the job, the kids, the errands just to keep it all afloat. It seems there is no end. 

Each day learn to take a few moments for yourself; to write, to meditate, to read a passage from a book, to workout, to advance the love of a hobby, to enjoy the company of a friend. You have to set aside some part of the day to engage in the essence of you. If you don’t, you will be lost in the grandeur and complexity of it all and will simply become a witness to the passage of your own time. For me the solution has always been writing. I have kept a journal since my early days in college. I have known no peace like the right setting and a journal entry that captures my thoughts, frustrations, joy and the grey matter of life. In fact, it can be a form of therapy. What’s your therapy?

With a full calendar you might ask; how exactly do I steal this 30 – 45 minutes to myself? The answer is simple. Do whatever you have to do. Rise 30 – 45 minutes earlier in the day. Put the kids to sleep a little early and turn off the TV. Ask your spouse to cover for 30 – 45 minutes while you take a “sanity” break. Whatever your solution, make it happen. Once you have it down to a science you will look forward to these moments every day. Time to recharge. Time to gain balance. Time to grow just a little bit.

Don’t Be Fooled by the Calendar. There Are Only as Many Days in the Year as You Make Use of – Charles Richards
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  1. This is so important! I get up one hour (sometimes more,) earlier than I have too, to get time for myself in the morning. I’ve had this routine since high school. I go through my intentions for the day, and for the particular phase in my life I am in. Sometimes I read something uplifting, and I always close my eyes for a few minutes of meditation to start my day on a positive note. Thank you for a great post!

  2. So true! I have had the luxury of being able to experiment with time this past year. I was always doing, doing, doing…always looking at the clock. I decided to take off my watch, make no appointments and not look at the clock for a week. Just do what I felt like doing, when I felt like doing it. I realize this is not easy if you are responsible for others or have a job. BUT, it was transforming! I enjoyed the moment and quit rushing around. And it has not changed.

  3. Can’t agree more. Everyone needs their “me time”.

  4. Thanks for reminding me of the importance of “me time”. My favourite part of the day is when Bailey and I take our afternoon walk on the wooded trails nearby – no technology, just the sounds from birds and squirrels. Really liked this post.

  5. I tell myself it’s only 30 minutes. Am I not worth 30 minutes out of a 24 hour day? With this is mind, I often lace up my shoes and go off on a run. I come back refreshed and clear headed, because I am indeed worth 30 minutes and more.

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