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Either You Run the Day or the Day Runs You - Jim Rohn

Either You Run the Day or the Day Runs You – Jim Rohn

Okay. You can feel yourself doing it. That little self-sabotaging monster is between your ears, muttering about all the things you haven’t done and all the things you can’t do. But you know what? You don’t have to listen to it. You have a choice to ignore it and have a better day.

Often our perceived helplessness and inaction springs from fear. Fear of being misunderstood, fear of doing the wrong thing, fear of the unknown. There are so many fears which drive us into passivity, but we mustn’t let them control us. By facing or even just acknowledging the things we are scared of we regain an element of control and can forge a new path.

If self-doubt is monopolizing your thoughts and actions try some distraction techniques. By diverting our thinking toward something else we give our mind a chance to reboot and push the monster out. Reading, exercise, a phone call to a friend, can give us a break from unproductive thoughts. So when we come back to what we need and want to do we are refreshed.

Be kind to yourself, but be honest as well. If you’ve come off the rails and fallen prey to the self-sabotaging monster remember the clock can be reset any time. If something really has to be done tell yourself you can do it and own it. You may have had a bad morning, but you can still have a great afternoon.

Either You Run the Day or the Day Runs You – Jim Rohn
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  1. Fear either paralyzes or propels, stifles or stimulates; and like ‘fight or flight’, all are powerful responses. Love this one!

  2. Wonderful post! A great reminder for all of us! It’s so easy to fall into those patterns, but it’s just as easy to get out of them 🙂

  3. Great to be reminded of this ever so often. Thanks for a great post.

  4. love the content, informative and helpful. think to go through others and gain something out of them too!

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