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Embrace the Glorious Mess That You Are - Elizabeth Gilbert

Embrace the Glorious Mess That You Are – Elizabeth Gilbert

Back against the grass and eyes pierced to the night sky. Specks of diamonds sparkle in no particular order, a blanket of shimmering light. From our perspective, this sky is peaceful. It is infinite in possibilities of where it ends and where it begins. But the gift of research has provided us with the insight that these specks of diamonds are expanding, exploding, waking up to themselves; some are bombarded by large rocks, while others are raging with storms and fires. But with our back against the grass, the display across the universe is beautiful.

Back against the grass, behind those piercing eyes, lives a universe in itself; a universe with its own perception and expansive awareness. In this universe, we decorate our shell to appeal to another’s perception. We display our shimmering night sky, but take a closer look and notice storms and fires.

Beautiful nebulas clouding our judgments and invisible black holes swallowing what we try to suppress, knowing very well, it will come back around in another dimension. But just like the display above, our universe is beautiful.

Beautiful because it takes the chaos to find the peace. It takes expanding, exploding, and waking up to ourselves, to evolve. It takes storms and fires to clear out the old and provide new space to grow the new. It takes nebulas and black holes to send us within so we may trust ourselves with our path. It takes a mess to make a beautiful life. Embrace this mess; it is how the universe creates the glorious creation that is the blanket of stars and us.

Embrace the Glorious Mess That You Are – Elizabeth Gilbert
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  1. Thank you for your lovely, encouraging post. I’m a mess, in a mess today, or at least that’s my perception. Nice to know my beautiful life is being formed!

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