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Every Day Brings New Choices - Martha Beck

Every Day Brings New Choices – Martha Beck

To interpret the day’s happenings with acceptance or abhorrence.  With gratitude for all that we currently have or loathing for all that we don’t.

That choice is ours. 

To eagerly and confidently anticipate the future or anxiously fear tomorrow and what it might bring. To live more mindfully in the present moment or to let our mind aimlessly oscillate between past and future.

That choice is ours.

To look at our past failures as teachers or as regrets for what might have been.  To take the actions or to give in to procrastination.  To seek challenge or comfort. Ambition or apathy. Growth or stagnation.

The choices are always ours. 

Be reminded today of the control you hold in your daily choices; in actions, in thoughts, in interpretations of events. 

Every Day Brings New Choices – Martha Beck
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  1. The more effort we put in the more we will get out of life.

    If we practise at being angry then we will become angry. If we find fault then there are many faults to find.

    If we practise at being happy, then we will be happy. If we live life from one experience to another then that is what we will get.

    But for me I like to practise at self mastery. I try to understand my emotions. I also try to deeply understand myself, my mindset and my personality. I want to observe my mind, how it works. I try to be conscious of my unconscious habits and behavours and all my triggers. I need to look at all my defaults. The attitude that I often deploy. The pre programmed little sub routines that is me. My auto pilot. Things that I do without much thought.

    The sum of everything that I am reveals a lot about where I am headed in my life. Life is a process. Things do not just happen suddenly.

    There is much to discover about myself. I just need to take time out to look. It is well worth the effort.

    I want to understand not only myself but also the world and how things are. How everything works or doesn’t. Everything is as it is. See it. There are lots of things that are as it is. So there are many things to discover.

    This life we live. We need to live it responsibly. We need to live it masterfully. This is the mark of self respect.

  2. Hi Martha I woke up to your Seed and it was exactly what I needed.The choice is mine.Thank you.

  3. Our choices is what makes us the person we are today… I love this seed! 😊

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