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Everyone Must Row With the Oars He Has – English Proverb

Everyone Must Row With the Oars He Has – English Proverb

We are all born into this world under various circumstances. Some of us fall into privilege, where essential needs are met and endless opportunities await us. Some of us fall into a realm of possibility, where we’re taught that education and hard work pays off because it will lead to the door of opportunity opening wide. Then some of us fall into a realm of hardship, where essential needs are unmet and opportunities seem bleak.

What each of these life circumstances have in common is opportunity, no matter whether opportunity is endless, wide open or bleak. “Everyone must row with the oars he has.” This is done by starting where you are – no matter how large or small the resources and begin planting a “seed” of work – moving little by little towards the possibility of opportunity.

Focusing on the vision placed inside of you and tapping into the knowledge resources within and outside of you will bring you to a place where you’ll never chase opportunity, but opportunity will follow and overtake you.

Everyone Must Row With the Oars He Has – English Proverb
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  1. And, to expand this concept, I recommend a book by Michael Newton, Ph.D.: JOURNEY OF SOULS.

  2. We must all work with the gifts we have been provided to discover more and become the person that we can be.

  3. The people who are at the bottom of the ladder get distracted just trying to keep food on the table and shelter. These are the ones who lose faith and still don’t know what they want to be when they grow up. This is their whole existence. Some are lucky and become an apprentice. Others are lucky to find someone who wants to see them rise above their niche because they can see their talent and has the ambition it takes to become an important asset.

  4. Wow! I really needed to read this. Thank you!

  5. This is excellent. Thank you!

  6. This post reminded me that opportunities are not relegated to outside sources. Instead, opportunities have so much more to do with what we CHOOSE to do with what we have whatever it is and however little it might seem. Thanks for a nice post 🙂

  7. I love the phrase “focus on the vision placed inside of you.” We can create vision, but, in order to be true to ourselves, we must discover the vision we already have. And then, as beautifully stated, opportunity will follow you, instead of you chasing opportunity

  8. Wow, that really beautiful. Thank you.

  9. What I really enjoyed about this read Katrina was all the positive, inspiring, and uplifting words you used. I tend to react in a joy filled way to words meant to help as opposed to hinder.

    It’s the loving thing to do, and it appears you are spreading love with your words. Thank you!

  10. Cool posts. Your posts always get straight to the point about the steps necessary to change. This a good thing and I enjoy reading them. There are some that I do and others that I have incorporated. Sometimes you break it down to the simple steps and while we a general idea, the breakdown helps. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Great post. I am in a bleak place right now. I was in a good place but it shifted in all areas the last few years. I am trying to accept the here and now and slowly move forward. I just signed up for 2 classes about publishing, thinking they will support my writing journey wherever that is going!

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