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Experience Is a Great Teacher - John Legend

Experience Is a Great Teacher – John Legend

We all must make choices in life. Every single day that we wake up, we choose a certain path. Sometimes we manage to accomplish our goals and succeed, and other times we find ourselves falling short. However, no matter how the day ends, we have experienced something important.

Experience, and learning from that experience, is the key to success. If one day you set out to face a fear and you shirk away from the task, you have learned that you have to work harder to take the steps necessary to conquer your fears. If you manage to face that fear and find that you’ve succeeded, you’ve discovered that you have the strength to overcome your obstacles and that, with hard work, you can continue to be successful.

No one in this world is exempt from making mistakes. We will all have bad days and all have moments that we look back on, wishing that we would have done better. The fact of the matter is that even our bad experiences give us some much-needed wisdom. If we analyze our mistakes and give them just the right amount of thought, we can use them to our advantage.

Let me give you an example. I struggle with anxiety and there have been many times where I either have given into my fears or simply didn’t try hard enough to conquer them. Now don’t get me wrong, I look on these times with great regret. I don’t like the feeling of not doing the best I could; of falling short of overcoming these obstacles. However, I know deep down that with every goal that we try to reach, there will be something trying to get in our way. One of the reasons why accomplishing something feels so great and is such a relief is because of how difficult the journey to succeed can be. I know that with hard work, I can get through my anxiety – I’ve seen the proof. I just have to look at the difficult times as a learning experience and learn from my mistakes.

Once we look at our mistakes and begin to learn from them, we can adjust our plans accordingly. We can see where we struggle and we can focus on improving those areas. Instead of looking at our shortcomings as a sign of failure, we can look at them as a sign of needing a more structured and thought-out strategy.

Though it may not seem immediately clear, there is a reason for every experience. If you find yourself being the best you can be then you are clearly doing something right and embarking down the right path. However, if you see that you are constantly struggling, it may just mean that you have to find a new method of facing your fears and achieving your dreams.

There will always be good and bad experiences. There will be experiences that you wish turned out a different way. However, no experience – even a bad one – is without advantages. If you allow them to, even the worst of experiences can turn you around and point you in the right direction.  

Experience Is a Great Teacher – John Legend
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  1. Nice post! I think if we can look at experience as a teacher and really believe that we can learn something from it, we’re off to a good start. I know in my past, I’ve resisted my experiences and resented them, and how in the world could I learn anything from them when I had such a negative attitude toward them? It’s like, if you are stubborn in class and won’t listen to your teacher, you probably won’t learn much. This was my struggle with experiences-I resisted them instead of accepting them for what they were and what they had to say about the situation and myself. Thanks for the nice post 🙂 -Marie

  2. Excellent post and very insightful

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