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To Experience What Isn't, Love What Is - Eric Micha'el Leventhal

To Experience What Isn’t, Love What Is – Eric Micha’el Leventhal

I truly hope everyone reading this has enormous dreams for their future, their ability to impact the world and to leave an overwhelmingly positive legacy after their time here is ended. It is so important to have big dreams…but in doing so, it is equally important to love your life NOW.

No matter who or where we are in our lives, we need to be grateful. We can aspire to do great things, to change the world, but the paradox is that in order to do so, to be able to instigate change we also have to be (somewhat) happy with where things are. Sounds a bit crazy, I know. But we will never get what we truly want if we are not happy with what we have. (Happy and truly satisfied are different things).

We need to arm ourselves with joy in the present moment in order to bring happiness to our future and the futures of those around us. When we desire for change, it is easy to do so with veracity. We can aim to “inflict” change rather than work toward it.

Sometimes, we want things to be better in our lives and we lash out with our “Hulk smash” gloves beating away our current state of affairs, and change happens. But when we do it that way, damage ensues. We arrive at a different place, but I can almost guarantee the finished product (once the dust has settled) is not what we had in mind when we started.

Instead, we can calmly see where we are now, why we want to change and start creating our work with love in our hearts (and no Hulk gloves on our hands). If we work toward what isn’t, by loving what is, the path toward the future we want will be much more satisfying, lasting, and beautiful.

To Experience What Isn’t, Love What Is – Eric Micha’el Leventhal
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  1. Something to internalize, embody and practice… Thank you ❤️

  2. So true! Gratitude is by far the most important step towards finding everlasting happiness. Great post!

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