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For Fast-Acting Relief, Try Slowing Down - Lily Tomlin

For Fast-Acting Relief, Try Slowing Down – Lily Tomlin

Every so often, I tend to find myself stressed over certain tasks. I notice my to-do list is growing, the clock is ticking faster and faster, and my mind starts racing. This can happen at the end of a workday, or if a list of chores at home piles up. I start breathing faster and feel like I’m getting further away from my goals.

If you tend to stress from time to time as well, the easiest method to make yourself better in the moment is to slow yourself down. Make sure you are taking deep breaths, and do whatever possible to calm your mind. Remind yourself there are enough hours in a day to do everything possible, and everything will be okay.

While this won’t make all of our pending work disappear, it will better prepare us to tackle our responsibilities. It is a truly rare occasion when we are actually in a troublesome predicament with tasks or chores, so we need to remind ourselves that we will get everything done and keep moving forward. We always do.

For Fast-Acting Relief, Try Slowing Down – Lily Tomlin
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  1. Yes so true. Taking some mental breaks in between can be helpful πŸ™‚

  2. I always thinks to myself that tomorrow has come for 62 years, so not getting EVERYTHING done today need not shift me into crisis mode. Besides, after prioritizing, I find that what doesn’t get done today does not stop the earth’s rotation. And if I choose to wait until I want to do it, it goes faster and with more glee. Lastly, some things are a waste of time, and need not be accomplished at all. Don’t Worry. Be Happy!!!!

  3. thanks for the reminder. I use Centering Prayer – with protestant prayer beads, camera and sometimes just being still. Also asking “what will matter in 5 – 10 years?” can help.

  4. Definitely one of the most important lessons to learn. Without slowing down, it can instead have the opposite effect and then snowballing can ensue leading to lots of negativity etc.

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