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Give Light, and the Darkness Will Disappear of Itself - Desiderius Erasmus

Give Light, and the Darkness Will Disappear of Itself – Desiderius Erasmus

There is a lot of darkness in the world, there is no doubt about it. In fact, it can be difficult for some to see the light, to have hope in times of what seems total chaos. This is why we as individuals have to give kindness and light. We have to remind each other and ourselves that there is, indeed, happiness, warmth, and genuine benevolence in the world.

If you’re worried about someone making the world a scarier place, remember that you don’t have to be part of that fear and hatred. You can be the type of person who rises above cruelty and anger and who tries to make the world a safer and calmer place. You can say hello to both strangers and loved ones, remind those around you that you care for them, and go out of your way to be helpful. Soon you will see that once you add light to the world, any darkness that surrounds you or that lives in your heart will fade away.

Giving light isn’t really all that difficult. The simplest of kind actions can brighten up someone’s day. Anything from a simple phone call to having lunch with someone can make them feel loved and appreciated. Why not be someone who gives the wonderful gift of respect and consideration to others?

Being a good, loving individual is not only beneficial to others, but is also beneficial to yourself. When you take action to help others, you show yourself that you have the capacity to make the world a better place – you show yourself that you can make a positive difference.

The next time you’re feeling angry about how the world can be so dark and daunting, remember that you have the power to make things brighter!

Give Light, and the Darkness Will Disappear of Itself – Desiderius Erasmus
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  1. Yes, pause so that you do not react in anger as you pretty much always end up shooting yourself in the foot anyway if you do react…… pause, take a deep breathe, and respond with kindness….. you never know what the other person is actually going through, there may be a reason for this situation, and kindness will disintegrate any pain.

  2. A bright and wonderful perspective! Let’s make the world a better place by little acts of kindness. Ripples generated will go a long way and light will follow for sure!

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