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Givers Need to Set Limits, Because Takers Rarely Do - Unknown

Givers Need to Set Limits, Because Takers Rarely Do – Unknown

A giving heart is a beautiful one. It extends its hand to gift another with no expectation of anything in return. It believes in leading by example and practices being the change it wishes to see in the world.  A giving heart is sacred and one that is needed in this world.

A taking heart is self-consumed. It is blinded by self-entitlement. It meets the giving heart and extends its hand to take anything the giving heart is willing to give. It may not know it is taking advantage because its ego has convinced itself it is deserving of everything the giving heart is willing to give. A taking heart has no limits.

When the giving and the taking heart meet, the exchange of the give and take may also provide each heart with lessons to be learned from one another. A giving heart may realize it needs to set limits for taking hearts; Boundaries to protect itself from giving when it is empty. Limits so it may return to self to recharge and allow for its own sacred space to be restored. 

A taking heart may realize while taking with one hand, the other needs to be prepared to give. It needs to understand its taking leaves less for the next time around and if it continues to take without giving, giving hearts will run out of the gifts the taking heart extend their hands for. 

In a world so interconnected, our hearts need each other. To live in a world where we have hearts that support us, hearts who are there when we need, and hearts who will come to our rescue makes for a happy life. But to live in a world where we support those who support us, are there for those who are there for us, and will rescue those who rescue us, makes for a beautiful life. 

Givers Need to Set Limits, Because Takers Rarely Do – Unknown
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  1. Truth to all you have said. But, in this modern era people tend to take giving from the for granted. U was raised by parents who believe that doing. My best at all i do and give the best of what i have to offer to the world. But over the years u have givwn less and less from my heart due to abuse from others. I am learning to be selective

  2. Giving from the heart is the best kind of giving. No expectations!

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