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Hold the Vision, Trust the Process - Unknown

Hold the Vision, Trust the Process – Unknown

Here we are at the end of another year. Some of us have accomplished all we set out to do this year, some of us never started, and some of us are in the middle of our vision. Wherever we are, the journey is alive and well regardless of the date on our calendar. Although some of us may use our personal timelines as our compass, our North Star is our vision.  

If we keep our eyes on this North Star, we may understand that whatever challenge we may face on the journey to it, is all part of the process of manifesting our vision.

Whatever may “set us back,” may actually be a necessary detour. Whenever we get “lost,” it may actually be a necessary shortcut to being found. Whenever we reach a “STOP,” it may actually be a reminder to rest, reflect, and to remind ourselves how far we have come.  

A timeline is helpful to keep us on track, but it may take our eyes off of that star if the process does not follow this timeline we have created. Be flexible in this journey. Take in the scenery. Get lost and found. Stop and rest.

Look up and see that North Star is always shining to those who trust the process.

Hold the Vision, Trust the Process – Unknown
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  1. I’ve thought a lot about my process and how far I’ve come, but I also think about were I’m going. I think about my goals and my dreams and I worry about being resistant to change. Sometimes on my journey I question my faith in the unknown. I ask myself if I’m crazy for still believing in the things I do. I know I want to find the North Star and follow it for the rest of my days, the hardest part is knowing if I’m actually headed in the right direction.

    • I think we all wonder if we are headed in the “right direction.” But I have learned that when I felt like I was going in the “wrong direction,” I was actually just taking a more scenic route and added more experience and life to my living. Even resisting change, life takes me on detours so I can learn how to not resist change and to remind me to trust the process. The key is to keep the vision. Believe in it and believe that wherever you are going, you will end up where you need to be.

  2. Thank you for your reply. I think that belief we talk about is so often tested. Fear, anxiety, self-questioning, it all blurs our vision. I do my best every day to use my breath and keep my focus. Moments like this help

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