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How to Balance Emotions and Feelings

How to Balance Emotions and Feelings

“Powerless, when we really feel it, allows us to surrender into our real power.” – Anamika

Being self-aware of our own emotions and thoughts is life-changing, as there is no better way to understand ourselves than being connected with your consciousness and your mind. Sometimes, it’s easy for us to become a bit hard on ourselves as we notice our negative thoughts since all we want to do is to become better people. After all, that’s why we wanted to be more self-aware to begin with, right?

We can aim to achieve greater clarity on our emotions by becoming more self-aware. But if we don’t balance it correctly, self-awareness can cause us to swing to the other end of the polarity and block our feelings. We’re afraid of reliving the experience of negative emotions that are caused by our thoughts, so in order to stop negative feelings, we inhibit ourselves from experiencing them. Little do we know, by inhibiting ourselves, we are compounding these feelings and causing greater sufferings to ourselves. That is exhausting, isn’t it?

The truth is, being more self-aware isn’t a gateway to infinite happy thoughts, but a choice we make in order to truly experience what it’s like to be human. To be human is to have emotions, both the negative and the positive, and self-awareness is a bonus for us to understand how and why we have these emotions by having more clarity on our thoughts. It is nothing but a beautiful thing, so don’t complicate it by blocking your feelings that you’ve worked so hard on deciphering.

By experiencing and giving in to your negative emotions, even though you know exactly why you feel the way you feel, isn’t a sign of weakness, but true power and strength. When you surrender into the experience of negative emotions, you are making a choice and picking a certain feeling. You have entered a state of peacefulness and absolute neutrality, with no resistance to anything and only acceptance. By embracing and accepting your negative feelings, even after you’ve understood every reason and thought that have created them, you are then empowered because you are recognizing what it means to be human, what it means to love yourself.

Choosing to feel a negative feeling, even if it’s sadness, is a form of understanding and strength; you feel the way you feel, not because of the external world, but because it’s a choice you’ve made. By surrendering into powerlessness, you are making a choice to be lost temporarily, until you find the light and gain clarity. So as long as you know the thoughts and reasons behind your feelings, don’t resist them. Instead, welcome them with open arms, they are what make you human.

The beauty of life isn’t about constant happiness and positive feelings. Negative feelings also define who we are, because, without them, we wouldn’t be able to truly appreciate what it’s like to have positive feelings. After all, life isn’t about the constant stimulation of joy, bliss, and happiness, it is about going through the ups and downs and be able to live up to it.

How to Balance Emotions and Feelings
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