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I Am Not What Happened to Me. I Am What I Choose to Become – Carl Jung

I Am Not What Happened to Me. I Am What I Choose to Become – Carl Jung

If it’s one thing we have in this life, it is a choice. We are not victims of circumstances, but we create them. Our lives are ours to choose, and we have all the possibilities we allow ourselves to have. And yet, so many of us tend to forget this. We walk around aimlessly, waiting for someone or something to happen to us, without realizing that we are the ones that need to make things happen.

We are the ones holding the paintbrush in front of that empty canvas. We can make what we want of it. If there was nothing at all – no money, no responsibilities, no job – stopping you, what would you want to do? What would you spend the rest of your life doing? Whatever it is, go out and do that!

Choose to do it, because you can. Life is too short to spend waiting for nothing.

I Am Not What Happened to Me. I Am What I Choose to Become – Carl Jung
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About Johanna Rosberg

For years, I have lived by the rule that nothing is too big or too scary to do; anything that anyone else can do, I can do, too. And now, since about a year back, I have decided to make it my life mission to make you understand your abilities and your strengths, to help you live the life you've always dreamed of. It's time we take over that steering wheel of life! It's time we start living our lives and not just waiting for "other stuff" to happen! Join me in my journey, and please, share yours with me over at www.johannarosberg.wordpress.com


  1. I love this quote – so true.

  2. Holy something something batman.
    Does the Universe deliver, or what?
    This was the exact thing I needed to read right now.
    Endless, endless gratitude.. <3

  3. Love it! I’m already doing what I want to do 🙂

  4. We do have the power of personal choice but it exists within a system of happenstance that we can’t control. Others have choice also, and whether we like it or not, their choices affect us. We are a mixture of nature, nurture, and personal choice.

  5. The post that motivates. Well written: short and to the point.
    There are things in life we cannot control, and they affect us. But, greatly, yes, we build our lives ourselves.

  6. Love the post. And finally, I am doing what I love, writing. The rest is working itself out. I do know that we choose. I have chosen to share my journey, to inspire and encourage others and to share the Word of God first and foremost. This is a very necessary reminder that we can do more than we do for ourselves. Not to dismiss the authority of God in our lives but to honor
    God with what He has given us and to bless others.

  7. ….”because you can….”

  8. I am so happy and excited to see that so many of you have enjoyed the post! 🙂

    @KLeigh: That’s how the Universe works – in mysterious, and oh such perfect ways! Sometimes all we need is a push in the right direction, or even just a reminder. Stay open to the signs and you’ll find that the help and guidance is everywhere around for you – always!

    @joyindestructible and @Maryana: Yes, there are plenty of things in life we cannot possibly control, but even then we have a choice, because we choose how to deal with those situations. We can choose to take everything personal (even choices that others make) or we can choose to see it as others trying to find their own path in life, just as we are. We can choose to see obstacles ahead as the Universe trying to get back at us or giving us a hard time, or we can see it as life just happening and taking us in another direction – a direction we most definitely need to go right at that moment. The choice is always ours, even if outer factors might nudge us in certain directions every now and then.

    @lexesfitness and @vercellonopace: I’m glad to hear you’re already doing your thing! Keep that up – the world needs you! 🙂

  9. Even though I am Award Free, I couldn’t resist this award and recognizing your creativity. I mentioned your site in my blog. You are not obligated to pass on the award http://amanpan.com/2016/02/09/creativity-is-contagious/

  10. Things happen. Sometimes we can see the path that created these things, sometimes we’re shocked and certain we had no part in their creation. Regardless, once something occurs we have choice in how we respond. What a great reminder of the power we each have over our lives despite the complexities and mysteries of living.
    Thanks for your post.

  11. I was just thinking on this topic today! This is a great post and a good daily reminder. Thank you for this post!

  12. Great post! I need the encouragement. I’m going through a rough time financially and emotionally and I may have to move.

  13. @tracihalpin: I’m glad you find this helpful. I totally understand what it’s like to go through those kind of rough patches worrying about both your economic state and your well-being. Even though it is and will be hard, try to focus more on the few little things that are good in your life still (there is always something, even if you have to look a bit longer and harder). Send all your energy that way rather than in the negative way. It will help both your state of mind and your life and situation as a whole.
    And if you do have to move, see it as a new stage of your life that might bring you something good – maybe even something better. Everything that happens to us happen for a reason, and I believe that when we go through these hard times we learn so much more about life and ourselves. Take advantage of that. Best of luck to you, I hope things work out soon!

  14. Great reminder , that it’s in our hands to shape our life by making the right choice.

  15. Well, what happened to us will still be reminding of it one or another way, although one doesn’t have to identify themselves because of that. I’m doing for the most part what I like and the lack of money is a huge pressure since lots of medical supplies are not covered and everything I make is left in pharmacy. I have had to learn to stand and walk again and I moved with one suitcase across the ocean, small things do not bother me. However, we all deserve to enjoy life and not to struggle through it.
    WordPress does not allow to have 2 primary blogs, so people rarely read my posts and they never notice this other blog, but it handles similar stories to what you’re posting here: http://inesepogalifeschool.com/ I’d appreciate you check it out when you have a free moment.

  16. true… set your goals and go get it.. no matter if you fall along the way.. pick yourself up and go get it.. nobody will do it for you…

  17. I am what I chose to be… Wonderful choice and writing dear 🙂

  18. Good post, and I like how they’re not too long. I’d rather read something that gets to the point quickly than waste time on waffle.

  19. LOVE that quote!! I have been trying to live by this lately.

  20. That was awesome!! Thanks????

  21. Your header quote does not, I repeat, DOES NOT belong to Jung. Jungian psychology is NOT an ego psychology and in fact contests your seeming overemphasis on freewill and choice. Just sayin’…

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