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I Do Not Fix Problems. I Fix My Thinking. Then Problems Fix Themselves - Louise Hay

I Do Not Fix Problems. I Fix My Thinking. Then Problems Fix Themselves – Louise Hay

I don’t believe in such a thing as problems. I believe that we encounter obstacles on the road that is life, but problems are not problems unless you say so. What you see as a problem is actually all in your head, and you get to choose whether you see the problem or the solution.

Usually, when we encounter what in common tongue is called a “problem,” it is a cause of our thinking. What we think, we attract. So if you’re constantly worrying about something, always keeping it at the back (or front) of your mind, that something is going to manifest, whether you want it to or not.

When a problem occurs, we tend to go into freeze mode simply because we don’t know how to deal with it or fix it. But like Louise Hay says, we actually don’t need to fix any problems – we only need to fix our thinking. Once we correct our thinking and get the problem or the cause of it out of our minds and away from our focus, and we start focusing on the opposite of a problem – peace, serenity, flow, or something of the like – your thoughts will automatically fix the problem.

So fix your thinking to allow your thoughts to fix your problems. And then only allow the right thoughts into your mind, to prevent more problems in the future. What is in your mind will come to you.

I Do Not Fix Problems. I Fix My Thinking. Then Problems Fix Themselves – Louise Hay
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  1. Interesting way to put it. I’ve never looked at problems from this perspective before, well until now. I pike your take on it and how it’s really our mind process and how we choose to interpret these obsticles in life👍

  2. Agree completely. Focusing on problems just makes us go mad, since we all have a bazillion problems.

  3. This is so beautiful and life-changing, thank You! <3

  4. I so enjoy your blog. Goes along with the books I’ve been reading lately and the study I began nearly 12 yrs ago. Oh how much better many things would be with critical thinking at the helm. Again, thank you.

  5. In my mind, a problem is only a thought short of a solution. I never imagine worrying over much of anything. However, sometimes you can just feel worry trying to weasel its way in. I always think of Cher’s character in Moonstruck who said: “Snap out of it!”

    More Energy is wasted stressing out over things [usually outside] we can’t change, or over things we can change but refuse to let go of other things so we can change, OR…things we asked for in such a non-specific way that we had better change –> something and quick!

    There’s also those who believe they have to have a problem, or they ain’t alive, or in the “in crowd,” or can’t live without drama. Not me!

    Quote: “If your problem doesn’t have a solution, it isn’t a problem!”

  6. I agree; I am so guilty of this; I’m always projecting and worrying about the future. This reminds me of a strategy I read about it. If you are feeling nervous, ask yourself what is the opposite feeling? Calm…then ask yourself what do I need to do to feel calm? This can be done with many feelings; it’s a way to turn your feelings around. If we turn our feelings around, then we can turn our thoughts around, and then finally we can take positive actions.

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