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If You Correct Your Mind, the Rest of Your Life Will Fall into Place – Lao Tzu

If You Correct Your Mind, the Rest of Your Life Will Fall into Place – Lao Tzu

Your mind is the universes most powerful tool; is yours working for you or against you?  Are you allowing it to drive you toward your dreams or hold you back in fear?  Do you see opportunities or obstacles?  Life is largely a matter of perspective.  And when we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change. 

Life can be a struggle when we allow our mind to hold us back with self-limiting and negative thoughts.  We unconsciously give away our power to design and drive our own life, we submit to our fears and anxieties, we endure rather than create, but it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Practice simply observing your thoughts, see them for what they are, just thoughts.  Yes they hold tremendous power, but only when we decide to give it to them.  Once you become better at recognizing your thoughts as they arise, you will begin to see that you hold the power to choose which you are going to permit to affect your life.  You can decide to give weight to those that will push you forward in growth and release those that seek to hold you back.  You can flip a negative to a positive in an instant.  You can!  Even if you have allowed your mind for so long to convince you that you can’t.

Just making the simple conscious choice to flip your negative thoughts into positive ones or simple just observe, rather than empower, can open up avenues and opportunities you never knew were possible. 

More peace, love, happiness, success – all are possible for you in life, but you must work to align your thoughts with those virtues first. You being the most important factor.  For it is our underlying self-confidence that drives us into action and keeps us pushing through the failures and storms of life. 

You can have anything you want in life, if you have that clear vision, a strong mental attitude, the discipline of hard work, and the will to never quit.  So dream big for your life, it is still possible to have what you desire.

If You Correct Your Mind, the Rest of Your Life Will Fall into Place – Lao Tzu
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  1. I love this post! It’s very inspirational and true. We need to realize that while it may seem difficult, it is possible to turn our negative thoughts around, it just takes time and practice.

  2. So true, seeds4life. Your mind can be an asset or liability. I always try to remember to use my brain and heart togeather, that way the hope and courage in my heart is louder, than the fear in my head. Thanks for sharing. Xx Allie

  3. So true, the mind should be protected too. So we can make good decisions

  4. Amazing post. Law of attraction

  5. So true! Great Post. As a Christian I use a lot of Scripture and promises and the Character of God help me stay focused on the things above.

  6. Love this! I feel like this can be applied to meditation. People are afraid of it because we feel like we can’t just not think for a period of time. But it’s all about recognizing the thoughts that enter our minds and letting them go without judging them or ourselves.

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  8. love everything about this post, bravooooo.

  9. This felt really good to read! The mind is indeed a very powerful tool!

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