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I’ll Tell You What Freedom Is to Me. No Fear - Nina Simone

I’ll Tell You What Freedom Is to Me. No Fear – Nina Simone

Oh, wildflowers. Ever notice how they bloom stubbornly? How they do not ask for permission to grow. How they do not compete for space. They reach through soil, through rock, through concrete. Adding life with colors with their fearless audacity.

The monarch butterfly. From the moment it spreads its wings, it ages rapidly. It dances with the wind while time plans to end the music in a possible 6 weeks. But the monarch dances. It kisses flowers and welcomes the instinct to migrate south so it may continue to dance with warmer winds. A courage blind to the certain outcome, but fully living feeling that breeze.

Then, there is us. Seeking the freedom to be who we are while being told who we should be. Staring at the horizon and preparing ourselves to take that first step. And although we may stand stall like trees, our roots we may take wherever we may go.

We are free to choose a direction and to tell our feet, “Onward.” And much like wildflowers, we do not need permission to grow. We are born free to do so. And much like the monarch butterfly, the winds of life welcome us to dance.

We are free to accept the invitation. Courageously. One step at a time. Liberated.

I’ll Tell You What Freedom Is to Me. No Fear – Nina Simone
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  1. Angélique du Toit

    How profound! It is so appropriate to the ramblings on my blog aimed at women of a certain age. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. “They reach through soil, through rock, through concrete” – really good line. Shows how we just have to let things happen in life and the best way to do that is to surrender to the way that natures works 🙂 Amazing writing 🙂
    Could you check out my latest post?

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