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I'm Not Perfect, I Am Much Stronger Than That - Rune Lazuli

I’m Not Perfect, I Am Much Stronger Than That – Rune Lazuli

When the mirror is asked:

Mirror mirror on the wall 

Who is perfect after all?

The mirror reflects back what we have defined as our flaws. It lists the names and pictures of the people we admire and strive to be like. It points to our insecurities and says, “See that? Not perfect at all.”

But that mirror mirror on the wall does not know the scars we wear, tell the stories of survival, of healed pain, of getting up after being knocked down. It does not know the beautiful mind behind those eyes. It does not know the creative potential our hearts hold. 

Perfection? No, thank you. Strength. Strength in being who we are. Strength in celebrating our differences. Strength in recognizing our own journey.

Next time, when the mirror is staring back at us, remind it:

“I am not perfect. I am much stronger than that.”

I’m Not Perfect, I Am Much Stronger Than That – Rune Lazuli
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  1. Inese Poga-Smith

    After watching an episode of Doctors show not that long ago, I got the feeling there are no limits what a person can change: they demonstrated how in 20 minutes one woman got the but she wanted, they showed how to surgically change the shape of eyes, obviously lift eyelids, taking off fat from some parts and using it onto other body parts sounded like a very basic something. There was one lady who told she had done everything: nose, upper lip (if one lifts it, they get the youthful face impression), ears, boobs (now people take out implants), filler for lips, neck, waistline, upper legs and so on. Virtually they can lift hair line, change everything to one’s liking. The only problem is that even procedures which do not involve cutting, are very many thousands of bucks. The cheapest was something 8K and it went on up to 25K for a surgery. Most likely, that’s not the limit.
    So, if some girl admires somebody like Kardashian girls she should know that they are completely “improved”. Even that show mentioned how childish and simple they looked, but after getting a few things done, they were really PERFECT.
    Perfection is not present in anything natural. That’s just impossible, everything comes with a few flaws. Those who cannot afford to make their outside perfect, have to work on their inside and creativity since that’s something one cannot by with money.

  2. Excellant……. I like your site and will be back! Thanks for checking my site out during the A-Z Challenge, Zulu Delta

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