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It Does Not Matter How Slowly You Go, so Long as You Do Not Stop – Confucius

It Does Not Matter How Slowly You Go, so Long as You Do Not Stop – Confucius

Imagine before you a mountain, larger than your eyes can grasp. It’s strong and steadfast. And it’s old – Very, very old. That mountain didn’t suddenly appear out of nowhere one day. That mountain has – over thousands and thousands of years – grown, slowly, to become what it is today.

Things take time. Life takes time. And we need to allow ourselves enough time to get the things we want done. Sometimes, impatience strikes and we want everything to happen all at once or not at all. But we must understand that as long as we are moving forward and not giving up, things will eventually start happening for us, too.

Baby steps is the secret to getting places that are hard to reach. Put one foot in front of the other, and soon you will find yourself have walked a whole mile. Keep going, how slowly yet you must go – just don’t stop. We’ve got all the time in the world, anyway.

It Does Not Matter How Slowly You Go, so Long as You Do Not Stop – Confucius
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For years, I have lived by the rule that nothing is too big or too scary to do; anything that anyone else can do, I can do, too. And now, since about a year back, I have decided to make it my life mission to make you understand your abilities and your strengths, to help you live the life you've always dreamed of. It's time we take over that steering wheel of life! It's time we start living our lives and not just waiting for "other stuff" to happen! Join me in my journey, and please, share yours with me over at www.johannarosberg.wordpress.com


  1. A vital life lesson, and one we all must be reminded of at times.

  2. These beautiful words come at the right time! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Looking at that picture of the mountain made me feel like oh my god look what I have to climb, and then I thought start at the bottom and go one step at a time, rather than looking at all the difficult parts of the mountain ahead of me.

  4. so true… small baby steps eventually leads to big leaps…

  5. So true – step by step makes it easier to reach our goals.

  6. This is a great post, Johanna! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I love this! I’ve just started working out and while it feels like I’m doing a small amount every day I have gradually moved from a 20 minute workout to a 45 minute workout. I think things get easier when we gradually build toward them rather than try to achieve too much at once.

  8. That’s right, Justine! And it is also proven that by starting small and slowly increasing rather than aiming for the top straight away, we build an actual habit that will be very hard to lose or break.

    Thanks to all for your lovely comments!

  9. This was perfect timing for me. My mantra is ‘one step at a time,’ however have considered giving up on one particular journey. But will keep on keeping on!

  10. Great post….especially when we live in what has become an “I want it now!” culture. I always take action everyday towards what you are aiming for…no matter how small that action is.

  11. A great post! I definitely needed that. Sometimes impatience can stop the progress along with desire where you feel that the outcome should have already occurred. However, this journey is about the work and doing it right, not the result! Thanks for the write up, I needed that and I am sure others needed it too!

  12. This has me thinking of little things in my life that I don’t really notice until they become something that can no longer ignore. Thanks for the great post.

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