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It Never Hurts to Keep Looking for Sunshine - Eeyore

It Never Hurts to Keep Looking for Sunshine – Eeyore

I think we all know what it feels like at the bottom. When we fall down hard and don’t know how to get back up, or even if we will. It is a natural process of life that we sometimes end up at the top and sometimes at the bottom. This is something we cannot always control. Things happen, and they’re not always due to things we have done or not done, but it could just be life taking us through a challenge in order for us to learn something.

One thing we can control, though, is our reaction and outlook to the things we go through. We can control whether we keep our mind and hope down on the bottom with us, or whether we send it up and away. We can control how we react to the things given us – whether we let it bring us further down, or whether we keep fighting to stay afloat.

No matter where you are at the moment – down at the bottom or up top, or somewhere in between – it sure never hurts to keep looking for the sunshine. You will either keep receiving it or eventually find it. It is never time or energy wasted, but rather so much more gained.

It Never Hurts to Keep Looking for Sunshine – Eeyore
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  1. Reading this was perfectly timed. Thanks for liking my post and bringing me to it.

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