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Life Is 10% What Happens to You and 90% How You React to It - Charles R. Swindoll

Life Is 10% What Happens to You and 90% How You React to It – Charles R. Swindoll

We can’t control our lives, and it is very well-known that the more we plan, the more unexpected things happen. Life is just unpredictable.
But we can control the way we deal with it, the way we deal with anything that occurs, and the way we deal with the events that take place in our path.

It’s all about who we want to be, how we want to face life, whether we want to face it passively or actively, and how to react to what happens. We can take an event as an opportunity to do better, to do something differently, and as an opportunity to learn and grow. Or we can let failures and negative events discourage us and give up on everything as we face the first obstacles. It’s always our choice. And different choices take us to very different lives.

We can decide to do nothing, to think about richer and luckier people and how badly we want to be in their place. But, on the other hand, we have the choice and especially the power, to use this feeling of dissatisfaction as our strongest source of motivation. This way we automatically take action, and it’s easier to take our life in our hands, and to become exactly who we want to be.

Besides, the important thing is to have a flexible mindset (or develop it) and to learn to always make the best of every situation. Then, it’s very important to remember that every problem has a solution, and that we are smart enough to handle hard circumstances, in order to train ourselves to be positive and patient.

Life Is 10% What Happens to You and 90% How You React to It – Charles R. Swindoll
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  1. Of course this is true. The only problem with some people is that they may say “I can’t help it, this is the way I am.” And they are utterly convinced that that is the way they’ll stay. Very sad.

  2. Totally agree with you. We can choose to be products of our past or choose our own destination. I choose to be happy and positive. I hope many more people choose the happy road ☺️.

  3. Very nice. I couldn’t agree more

  4. Thank you for your comment Ellie P.
    What you say is so true, and I met many people who used to think that way. By the way, I’m convinced that we all have a latent ability to change attitude towards ourselves and towards life, and sooner or later something or someone wakes it up 🙂

  5. Thank you Jen and Fitforpeople for your comments.
    Yes, the happy road is definitely the best choice 🙂

  6. This is very true.For the longest time I was the kind of person who reacted really badly to situations and considered myself a victim. I am working on taking more control of my reaction, so that 90% can be in the positive. Thanks for sharing this.

  7. Very motivating post – I love this kind of stoic thinking! No matter what happens in the “outside world”, you’re always free to choose your own reactions to it. Happiness (or sadness) is a choice, not a state of being!

    Thanks for sharing this!

  8. Thank you 2ndhalfolife, Deb and Mathias for your nice comments.
    Deb, it’s nice to hear that you’re working on it, and don’t worry: NO ONE IS PERFECT in this, it’s all about the motivation to improve that one has! 😉
    Mathias, I’m glad you found the post motivating! 😉

  9. Yes, you can decide to do something instead of nothing, and become the person you want to be!

  10. Thank you! This speaks volumes, we no longer have to be victims we can be victors

  11. So mature thought , I really enjoyed this article, thanks for expressing your views in such structured manner

  12. Very true and an important lesson for anyone. As I’m learning it’s all in how we view then react to certain situations. As stated, they will come up and we have a choice- even when we think we don’t. Well said though, and a great reminder to keep in mind!

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