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Life Is Only as Good as Your Mindset - Unknown

Life Is Only as Good as Your Mindset – Unknown

We’ve said ‘hello’ to 2017, many of us, with a list of resolutions to accomplish by December 31st. We have set our intentions, our standards, our expectations, and our definition of what it will be to succeed. With ambition and determination holding our hands and leading the way, we are off.

While you’re on your way, will you pull out that list of “Resolutions,” please? Do you happen to have the word “Mindset” at the top of your list? If not, would you consider adding it? 

Why, mindset? Because the same mindset which got us to the point of needing to self-improve cannot be used to do the actual self-improvement. We cannot hold hands with ambition and determination with a self-loathing, unfocused, or lazy mindset. That is the mindset that probably got us to the point where we needed to add new intentions, new standards, and new goals to our list. 

In order to arrive at December 31st, 2017 with a crossed off list, mindset will have to be the very first item we address and change. “Life is only as good as your mindset.”

Happy New Year and wishing you all a successful journey towards December 31st, 2017.

Life Is Only as Good as Your Mindset – Unknown
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  1. Great post – you are very right! Our mindsets need to change first before we can change anything else.

  2. Definitely agree and love your writing style

  3. I don’t usually do the New Year’s Resolution thing. You won’t see me on that bandwagon. However, I do set my intention(s) for the year which is, like you suggested, all up in the butt of my mindset. OK…you didn’t exactly put it like that, but you get my drift I’m sure. I love the Universe, and believe that my connection to it is key. If I keep my vibration high enough, my intention(s) will manifest. All I ever really want to accomplish is my highest and best. And it is my intention to be of service first. What steps up from here is enough!

  4. And having the right mindset will help us pass any brick walls. 🙂 Great post!

  5. I like this a lot. I forgot sometimes how powerful the mind is.

  6. Love this post, such a simple yet powerful point very well made!

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