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Live Life as If Everything Is Rigged in Your Favor - Rumi

Live Life as If Everything Is Rigged in Your Favor – Rumi

Our tomorrow – the future – is a mystery, pretty much entirely unwritten. Anything can happen in a time that isn’t yet.

Ask yourself what you think will happen in your future. Is your answer optimistic or pessimistic? Do you worry about the future, or do you look forward to it?

If you do worry, try to see it this way: since it is unwritten, we obviously don’t know what will happen. This means that things can go wrong – but they can also go so very right. In fact, there’s a bigger chance of things going right for you, because the universe is already on your side.

If you live life believing that everything is rigged in your favor, you will find that it most certainly will be so. If you live life believing the opposite, though… well, that’s unfortunately what you’re going to get, too.

Like I said, the universe is on your side, so take advantage of that. Let the universe work for you, and make some magic.

Show trust and have faith that things will work out for you as you set about the things you wish to do. Do whatever you want to do, always with your mindset on success.

It’s just as easy to imagine that things are rigged for you, as it is to think that they are rigged against you. Which way sounds more appealing?

Live Life as If Everything Is Rigged in Your Favor – Rumi
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  1. There is a saying, that goes like this, “yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery, all we have is today, that is why it called a present or gift.” There is a book by Eckhardt Tolle that is called “The Power of Now”.

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