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Patience Is Also a Form of Action - Auguste Rodin

Patience Is Also a Form of Action – Auguste Rodin

We hesitantly say hello to patience and try to hurry past it. In that hurry, we trip and fall. Patience comes to help us up and we realize it is there to keep us for a while. It is not offended by our resistance or our annoyance. It is wiser than that.

Patience is always coming with wisdom. Unfortunately, we are so consumed with irritation that we are deaf to what it has to share. We assume we are kept from what matters and we are wasting time from reaching our destination. We are held against our will by this patience and we try to figure out shortcuts and plan B’s to get to where we were going before patience tripped us. But we fail.

No shortcuts, no plan B’s. Patience is wiser than that. Patience is the opportunity to refocus the blur we create when we hurry. It’s the necessary silence when the noise drowns out our inner voice. It’s the calibration of our compass. It’s the STOP so we may look both ways. It’s the reminder to take a deep breath and the necessary pull to be present in our growth.

Patience is wise. It understands the purpose of the journey is not the destination, but the journey itself. Say hello to patience. Sit down with it for as long as it’ll have you.

Patience Is Also a Form of Action – Auguste Rodin
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  1. love, LOVE this. patience and presence are both such underused attributes and forms of action ♥️

  2. Thank you for your words regarding patience. I am happy when others are patient with me. I need to return their gift, often. Being patient is a faith walk. One has to let go of control and walk with confidence that all will be well. And, in my experience, all will be well. Ray

  3. Just what I needed to read today!

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