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The Primary Cause of Unhappiness Is Never the Situation but Your Thoughts About It - Eckhart Tolle

The Primary Cause of Unhappiness Is Never the Situation but Your Thoughts About It – Eckhart Tolle

Our happiness is and always will be up to ourselves. Life may take us through good times and bad times, and our plate will at times be filled with nothing but trouble and torment. But the primary cause to you feeling unhappy has less to do with any situation or person served to you and more to do with what’s going on inside your mind.

Your mind and your thoughts create your current circumstances. It is in your mind that the power sits for you to change anything you’re faced with in life – at least by changing your way of viewing it. If you see a new challenge as a big problem, then you can be sure to find trouble rather than a solution. If you, on the contrary, choose to meet the challenge with an open heart and a can-do attitude, it’ll be so much easier to deal with.

Our thoughts have greater power than most of us understand and give them credit for. But if you try for once to see a challenge as something fun, and see change as something inevitable and exciting, and that a problem is just meant to be solved, you’ll see and feel the beauty and the power of your own mind.

So, what exciting challenges are you facing at the moment? And how will you allow them to affect your life?

The Primary Cause of Unhappiness Is Never the Situation but Your Thoughts About It – Eckhart Tolle
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  1. Very good post. It’s true that our thoughts have the potential to change our experiences both good and bad and hence the importance of choosing positive thoughts. A favourite phrase of mine is: “It’s not the cards you are dealt but how you play your hand.” The situation is, what it is but if you take it on in a positive matter/attitude than it won’t seem quite so challenging. One thing I am is trying to find the balance between working, doing my own writing and keeping up with course work. I’m determined to make the best of the time I have for each, and trying not to dwell on all the responsibilities.

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Kylie! That’s a great quote – so true and so fitting for life and how we choose to lead it. It is sometimes hard to find balance in what we do, but like you say, if you try you just make the most of it and leave the thoughts of different responsibilities at the door, you will find that balance. Also important to remember is to make sure to have some fun along the way – something many of us tend to forget in the stress of everything!

      • Your welcome, and thanks. Although having fun isn’t so much the problem for me as it is having to do work. That’s just my outlook I guess.

  2. Great post! Our thoughts truly are our most powerful weapon/hinderance in any circumstance! Thanks!

  3. How does one choose positive thoughts? Being a realist and a pessimist to boot that is a hard one for me. For the past month I find myself in tears morning till night. I keep walking the dogs, cleaning the house and cooking new recopies but the tears they come without warning. Intrusive thoughts, about my mom, my brothers, my glaucoma, my lack of friends in my new city.

    Retirement affords me the luxury to do what I want when I want but that’s not enough. It’s been four years since I was forced to retire. I miss my children, my grandson. I’m tired, and when I say that it scares me because it means I’m done fighting and want to sleep. I went into the hospital to stabilize my medication and while I was gone my nephew stole my flat screen and a few other items. Perhaps that betrayal is what has gripped me in this darkness. I just want me back but I don’t know where I went so to retrieve myself.

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