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Sometimes You Have to Let Go - Unknown

Sometimes You Have to Let Go – Unknown

Learning how to let go is one of the most valuable lessons in life to learn.  Letting go of habits that no longer serve us.  Letting go of toxic people; relationships that are dragging us down or holding us back.  Letting go of unneeded possessions, of perceptions, of preconceived notions.   Letting go of the past, of fears, of expectations.

Life is too short to be weighed down by those things that no longer bring you joy or fulfillment.  That fill your mind with clutter and bring your body unnecessary stress and sorrow.

Bring your physical and mental health back to the forefront.  Work to let go of the attachment to the people, habits, and things that no longer work for you or facilitate your growth in mind, body, and soul.

Sometimes You Have to Let Go – Unknown
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  1. Yes. Moving forward i am looking forward to a fresh start to a new year. Balance. Is my key word. Of course letting go of all the people , places and things that do not support my balance. 🌷

  2. i am working to let go my attitude of arrogance. to do that i have become mindful never to put people down so that i can feel better about myself at their expense

  3. Oh .., yes… definitely need to improve loads on this one

  4. So true! It’s such a great feeling to let the weight off your shoulders.

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