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The Best Preparation for Tomorrow Is Doing Your Best Today - H. Jackson Brown Jr.

The Best Preparation for Tomorrow Is Doing Your Best Today – H. Jackson Brown Jr.

It can be hard not to worry about tomorrow. With how busy our lives can be, we find ourselves constantly making plans for the future. Whether it’s simply going to get a haircut in a day or graduating in a year, sometimes we are forced to plan ahead. Doing so can be daunting.

While concentrating on just getting through one day at a time isn’t always easy, it’s often what is best for us. Though worry has a way of making us feel it’s necessary, that’s often far from the truth. In fact, expecting the worse and growing too anxious about the future, can be dangerous.

There is nothing wrong with health planning. Oftentimes, preparation can actually save us from experiencing too much stress and aggravation. However, there is a big difference between preparing for the future and obsessing about the future. While preparing for the future helps us calmly realize what we need to do in order to be successful, obsessing causes us to become quite overwhelmed – something that is far from beneficial.

We need to try to find a balance when it comes to focusing on things to come. It’s perfectly okay, and normal, to map out the steps that we will take to achieve our goals. What isn’t normal or good for us is to consume ourselves with worry. Next time you find yourself thinking about what is yet to happen, make sure that your thoughts are positive and helpful.

The Best Preparation for Tomorrow Is Doing Your Best Today – H. Jackson Brown Jr.
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  1. Great post. As a Christian, the Bible tells us that each day has its own worries, and we should not worry about the future because God is in control. That can be very difficult. I used to obsess about the future and allow it to consume every moment, action, and decision that came my way. But focusing on the moment or just one day at a time has helped to manage my depression and anxiety. It’s not easy (I really have to make myself limit my focus at times), but it’s helpful. Thank you for this post. 🙂

    • Thank you for your advice and kind words! You make an excellent point, we need to try to focus on the present and not worry about future events to the point of overwhelming ourselves. It can be difficult, but it’s something important to remember!

  2. Great post! I needed this reminder this week 🙂

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