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The Distance between Dreams and Reality Is Called Action – Unknown

The Distance between Dreams and Reality Is Called Action – Unknown

Believing in yourself is not enough to accomplish your goals and dreams.  You must couple that belief with action.  It is only through taking action and the discipline of hard work do you actually fulfill your desires.  Don’t allow your fears to hold you back any longer from taking those necessary actions.

Remember that everything you see around you at one time was simply someone’s dream.  These words you are now reading, to the device you are using to view them.  From where you are now seated, to the clothes you are wearing, all came out of the ideas and dreams of others.  If it were not for their willingness to take action to help their visions become reality, your current moment in life would look much different.

It’s only through action do we gain experience.  Only through action do we gain expertise and knowledge.  A dream without action is just that; a dream.  Decide that YOURS deserves to be made real.  Develop a clear and precise vision along with a plan for accomplish it.  Then, get to work…the world is waiting!

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The Distance between Dreams and Reality Is Called Action – Unknown
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  1. Awesome message. Very true. “A dream without action is just a dream..”

  2. Your dreams of today may be everybody else’s tools tomorrow.

  3. I swear you are in my head and know just what I need to hear everyday! Thank you.

  4. Great advice. Thank you for inspiring us!!

  5. Very good read! You inspire with your passionate words of confidence. I believe many fail out of fear of moving forward into an uncertain world of unforgiving rejection. We were all born to be great and it’s that greatness within us, that desire and passion that sets us off into an endless journey of self improvement. Along the road, we have to expect to fail over and over and over again. The only way to learn and achieve success is through heartache and pain. We have to endure many struggles and personal failures to realize our purpose in this life. In order to become who we were meant to be, we must suffer to an extent. It’s in times of suffering that we develop character and a higher level identity to lead.

  6. Love it!

  7. HI, Thanks for stopping by at gettingrecognised.wordpress.com. Thought I would return the compliment and loved what I found. Great stuff. keep posting. 🙂

  8. Great words of inspiration. Bloom where you are planted!!!

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