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The More We Do, the More We Can Do - William Hazlitt

The More We Do, the More We Can Do – William Hazlitt

While perhaps a tricky concept, our success often depends on our daily efforts to make progress. You may be wondering how you can make progress if taking the steps to do so is so difficult. The answer to this question is simple: break down the larger steps into smaller ones.

Achieving our goals is not always easy. Often times we look at what we have to do in order to accomplish our dreams and we find the road scary and overwhelming. However, in order to reach our destination, we must take the first step in the right direction.

Due to society making us feel the need to rush, we tend to forget that we have time to take small, advantageous steps. The worst thing we can do is go backward or stand still, obsessing about how we’re running out of time to act. Worrying about not having enough time is not beneficial, but rather it distracts us from the fact that we have the tools and ability to take the steps necessary to improve our lives.

So please remember that the more you do to practice standing up to your fears, the stronger you’ll become.

The More We Do, the More We Can Do – William Hazlitt
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  1. Tiny, victorious steps. Those are the key to surmounting any tough task. Thank you for this motivation and wisdom today.

  2. Couldn’t agree more, keep it up!

    Blessing to you

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