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The Power of Emotional Awareness

The Power of Emotional Awareness

“Feelings or emotions are the universal language and are to be honored. They are the authentic expression of who you are at your deepest place.” – Judith Wright

Whether we like it or not, emotions play a large role in our lives. Emotions draw us in and push or pull us in each direction we move. Humans are social animals, and having emotions is one of the characteristics that we all have in common. We all crave love, affection, and happiness. Are love, affection, or happiness part of what you consider success?

If so, your success is being driven, in part, by emotions.

Having emotions isn’t bad. It’s part of what makes us human. When we use emotion and reason, great decisions can be made. Emotions are what drive us; they are with us during every step of the way when we face challenges.

Considering how much power emotions have in our lives, how conscious are we of them? We recognize them on a surface level, but how often do we really sit with our emotions and consider their role in our lives?

Try taking a moment to sit with your emotions and observe them. See how they make you feel. Instead of trying to change or resist an emotion, acknowledge it.

By studying our own emotions, we can learn more about ourselves, as well as others.

See how your emotions influence your choices, and see if you can use them to leverage your path to success. Is there a repetitive challenge in your life that causes fear or distress? Constantly feeling irritable or anxious? Look at your emotions throughout your daily life and try to find the source of the fear, distress, irritability, or anxiety. See what can be done to make a change and become happier. 

Take this opportunity to cultivate the extra happiness you deserve in life. Don’t push your happiness aside for a later date. Don’t let your life pass you by as your sorrow and regret begin to build. Make it happen now. Make time for you and your happiness. 

Emotions can also help you find your passion. Have you ever binge-watched a show, stayed up for hours reading a book that kept you on the edge of your seat, or stayed up all night because you were too excited to sleep?

These all represent the power of passion. When this is applied to your goals, amazing things begin to happen. Challenges become more approachable. Fears begin to dwindle in magnitude. Excuses aren’t as frequent because the love for the task overrides any excuses that might be made. All of this comes from passion, which can be found by following your emotions.

Observing emotions that cause happiness are worth noting and so are emotions that cause stress or fear. Facing fears and other emotions we consider negative can be intimidating and challenging, but it helps us grow and become a better, happier, and healthier version of ourselves.

As a society, we tend to label emotions like grief, stress, anxiety, panic, and anger as ‘negative’ emotions that we should avoid at all costs, or at the very least keep hidden. These ‘negative’ emotions, just like emotions that are labeled as ‘positive’, still hold value. By observing emotions, we can learn valuable lessons about ourselves and the people around us. 

Becoming aware of our emotions takes practice. As we begin to realize the power emotions have on our life, we can learn how to address our needs and become a better person because of it. Take note of your emotions, they might be more valuable than you think.

The Power of Emotional Awareness
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  1. Martha Nussbaum brilliantly said once, “emotions are cognitive in nature – they are embodiments of our expectations from the world”, so yes we must be aware of our expectations and the way we want to see the world.

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