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The Power of Imagination Makes Us Infinite - John Muir

The Power of Imagination Makes Us Infinite – John Muir

Our imagination makes us all unique. It makes us unique as a species and it makes us unique as individuals, as no two people share the same ideas, pictures, or sensations within.

The power of our imagination also makes us endless; it makes us infinite as it has no boundaries in time or space. Within our imagination, anything can happen, and we can do or have whatever we want. There’s nothing stopping us there.

And who is to say that our imagination is all just made up? Isn’t there a reason in the first place to why we have the ability to imagine when no other species share that ability to the same extent? So maybe your imagination is the start of something truly spectacular and amazing? What if the things you can imagine, actually can come true?

Well, the secret is that they can. Your imagination is the key to everything you desire, anything you have ever wanted and wished for. Start in that endless headspace that imagination is. Start creating there what you wish to see in your real life. See no boundaries or obstacles. Create freely for yourself whatever you want, and believe that if you can see it before your inner eyes, you can also see it happen in real life.

The Power of Imagination Makes Us Infinite – John Muir
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