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The Richest Treasures of All Lie Buried Within You - Unknown

The Richest Treasures of All Lie Buried Within You – Unknown

There lies within you a buried fortune; a treasure trove of talents, skills, and abilities just waiting to be unearthed. There are millions of people walking around with talents hidden away from the world.  A buried wealth of possibility concealed by fear, worry, and doubt.  Individuals shying away from their own greatness.  Content in holding themselves back rather than face the possibility of criticism or rejection.  Allowing the fear of failure or even success to paralyze them from taking action.

For far too many of us, this is our reality.  What talent and ability within you have you kept buried?  Why have you kept it hidden?  Fear of failure?  Fear of success? Anxiety? Shyness? Lack of confidence?

Let us do an honest self-analysis and then commit ourselves to the pursuit of unlocking our hidden wealth!  Let us set goals that will force us out of our comfort zones.  We don’t have to take giant leaps, but small steps out of our comfort zone is not only needed to help us grow, but that is what will give us the ability to bring our hidden talents and skills back to the surface.  By stretching yourself just a little bit, you will learn not only about the skills you must cultivate, but you will probably discover that you already possess a lot of the tools needed for success.  You will most likely find that you have either underestimated your current talent level or that you have overblown the difficulty and fear associated with a certain task.

Remember, action prompts opportunity.  By taking action, you will not only expose yourself to greater opportunities for growth, but you could ignite a series of events that could one day bring you to a place you had no idea was even possible for you.

So let us take time to look within.  What talents and skills have you overlooked?  What treasures have you kept hidden from the world?  Work to dig it up and bring it out, so we may all benefit from its discovery.

The Richest Treasures of All Lie Buried Within You – Unknown
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  1. Love it! …and want to add that sometimes “Happiness” is hidden deep down as well. Let it out!

  2. Thank you for such a wonderful reminder…your timing is always great too :).

  3. This is ao true of so many people. Wonderful post.

  4. A talent can sometimes be a burden as well as a blessing. If you discover a talent then there is a pressure to do something with it and if you invest it with high expectations then it can create disappointment. I think we all have talents. It is part of being human. Like everyone else I have a talent and there have been times when I have turned my back on my talent. But a talent does not turn it’s back on us. It can’t. It is part of who we are. What I try to remember is that a talent is God given, freely given with no strings attached and that is how we should use it in the world. Use your talent and forget about the outcome and see where it leads. Great post.

  5. I want to thank you for writing this great seed. I admittedly felt a little down after submitting a piece of writing I wrote and finding out that it was rejected. However, at the same time as feeling slightly disappointed, I realize that I have the ability to reach others through my writing which is important. Thank you for reminding me of the importance of acknowledging our talents and sharing them with the world.

  6. Great post!! This is one of my core beliefs because I see the talent in others all the time and wonder how to cultivate it for the world to benefit. Well done.

  7. As someone who suffers from a lot of self-doubt, this post really resonated with me. The lack of confidence holds me back and the doubtful thoughts often have no real basis. Making small steps out of my comfort zone could definitely help me and others to gain confidence without completely overwhelming us!

  8. Wonderful post. It gives me hope 🙂

  9. really growing the seeds, all the best for spreading this across the globe and all mankind

  10. Deserving of a Reblog . . . but I don’t see that option on your page. Oh, well. — YUR

  11. A lovely quote and a great post. Thanks for visiting my quote post!

  12. Hola, very inspiring post here. It’s very much about getting out of the comfort zone and taking a risk on ourselves.

    It can bring us to new possibilities, you’re right. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  13. This post made me think of a statement I’ve heard some time ago. It was said that the cemetaries are the richest places on earth, due to all the talents that has been buried with people who never used their talents.

    Your post surely got me thinking.

    Thank you for sharing this as a reminder to us all.

  14. wouldn’t it be beautiful if all of us would shine out our talents 🙂 nice post

  15. Brilliant post! I think we all need to consciously acknowledge the wealth of treasures that lie within us if we truly want to live for something significant.

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