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There Are No Shortcuts to Any Place Worth Going – Beverly Sills

There Are No Shortcuts to Any Place Worth Going – Beverly Sills

The truth is that goals accomplished through taking shortcuts are never quite as gratifying as those obtained through hard work, persistence, and dedication.  When you know you have earned your success through sheer effort, a deep sense of satisfaction and fulfillment can be found.

In this age of instant gratification, we are always looking for the quickest way to do anything.  It would be great to be able to accomplish every goal you have swiftly, but it’s that bit in-between the idea and the accomplishment, the “Journey,” where life’s lessons reside.  It’s the pushing through disappointments and failures, which teaches you determination.  It’s the consistency of taking action day in and day out, that teaches you self-discipline and dedication.  It’s the growth you experience along the way, the person you must become in order to achieve your goals that will make the biggest impact on your life.  Those benefits are the ones that far outweigh any immediate effect from any single goal.  It’s those results, obtained from hard work and struggle, along the uneven road toward success, which builds self-confidence and self-esteem.

The lessons of life needed for personal growth, all lie on the road paved by hard work.  A deep sense of pride, for which no one can take away, can be found after you have achieved your goals through much effect.  That is something instant success can never truly provide.

So the next time you think you have found a shortcut to your success, know that anything truly worth achieving has none.  True success does not happen overnight, it’s a road paved by mastery.  The road to accomplishing your goals and dreams will be a long and bumpy one, but don’t get discouraged by that fact.  Stay patient, stay persistent, stay positive, and most of all enjoy the journey!  Knowing that you accomplished your goals and dreams through hard work will make them all that much more satisfying in the end.

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There Are No Shortcuts to Any Place Worth Going – Beverly Sills
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  1. It’s the current result oriented hack-culture that undermines persistence and hard work. For some way or another, I’m wired toward the (normally) painful journey to savour. Masochist??
    Nice post!!

  2. I agree and I think that sometimes it is the hard work itself that is more enjoyable than the results.

  3. Well said, in the midst of wanting, we lose sight of the journey to get there. How many times have we discovered the deep appreciation and respect for something, tangible or intangible, that we had worked hard to obtain… thanks for the reminder!

  4. Great and inspiring post! We can get easily discouraged when we expect instant result, but sometimes the hard work and persistence are really the only stable way to success and happiness!

  5. So true!! So real!! success is a journey… not a destination!

  6. Thank you for sharing. It is so true! I am finally finding this out myself.

  7. Well said. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I really enjoyed reading this blog, and I actually feel more refreshed to continue studying and make it through these few coming weeks. Thank you so very much and I look forward to reading more posts!

  9. Great message! I like the look of your blog. The font, the pictures, the total package is simply wonderful!

  10. This is an important concept I speak of as well dealing with various health and wellness issues. I believe most people believe the words you write, however, react to life instead of searching for a more meaningful conclusion to their dilemmas. Bridging the gap between problems and solutions using your concepts would help many individuals. Thank you for the posting.

  11. This is a nice site. Wish you had a “like” button, because I like it!

  12. Yes, I agree with the above verse. In truth, without effort there is no birth and without reeffort there is no rebirh but only eternal death!

  13. Hi there Beverly! What does the word ‘success’ mean to you (in the context of your article)?

    Success can have different meanings according to who you ask, and sometimes personal growth journeys have many little successes along the way to the ‘big’ success. What are your thoughts?


  14. Hi James,
    Beverly is just the name of the author of the quote. 🙂 However, I think you touched on exactly what was meant by this article, that success is a journey, and the definition of the destination differs from person to person. And it’s not so much about the ultimate “success” as it is about the growth you experience from the daily disciplines. To me, there is no shortcut around the hard work associated with the disciplines needed to excel at whatever you desire. So to answer your question, to me, success is being willing to do what the others won’t do.

  15. Thank you for reminding to go through the hardships with heads up!

  16. I used to believe in hard work until I discovered Law of Attraction work and Esther Hicks. When I started living more aligned with ease and grace, my desires began manifesting without me suffering in the process. And this is coming from someone with a Capricorn Rising Sign.

  17. Thank you for posting this. It’s a great reminder for me.

  18. True there is no short cut for anything in life; be careful; you may get short circuited and u may have to pay heavily!

  19. Great! All the best!

  20. Excellent, thoughtful writing. I liked it a lot. Thanks

  21. Love your posts!

    Thanks for reading mine.



  22. I agree wholeheartedly. Love reading this. Thank you!

  23. Nicely put! I may need to refer back to this one later in the Happiness Journey. 🙂

  24. glad to read there are still thoughtful people in the world who live life with purpose and meaning.

  25. I got this quote in a fortune cookie last week!

  26. There is no substitute for HARD WORK and hence there can be no shortcuts for success. Beautiful presentation deserving compliments and congratulations.
    N V Subbaraman, India

  27. In this world we live in we need more positive thoughts. The bible has the most positive messages. Proverbs and psalms are so inspiring your quotes you pen down on your blog is a source of peace to many in these times we live in

  28. Thanks for the inspiration. Manifest Joy and Happiness!

  29. I used to believe this until I found myself in a place where hard work begat hard work. I still believe there is truth to this, but I am wary of people taking this to the extreme.

    Currently I try to think within the framework of efficiency. It is not about short cuts or getting off easy but the gears still have click and have momentum.

    There are no rewards for working harder than the person next to you, but there is great satisfaction in doing your work to obtain your goals. This also makes it easier to celebrate others successes because the competition has been dropped.

  30. We tend to learn and grow the most from life’s adversities. Race drivers have a saying that goes something like, “You win the race on the curves, not the straight-aways.”

  31. Thanks for visiting my blog so that I visited your blog! This post is perfect for me right now.

    I have a supervisor who has pushed me very hard to do a substandard PhD. I call it PhD lite. I was ashamed to have people read what I wrote. But I refused her shoddy ways and did it my way, unfortunately without any support from my team (and worse – my supervisor was a bully). It’s take a really long time but I’m nearly finished now and I will feel proud of my efforts whatever the outcome.

    You’re right. The sense of gratification that I feel already despite not having completed yet is already worth the effort. Sometimes I wish I just did it her way because I would have been finished and free of her and my PhD, but my name will go on these papers and I want a quality product that’s of value to my target audience.

  32. Very inspiring! I really like the photo you put for this blog.

  33. Great words of wisdom. I totally agree!

  34. I completely agree. Few successes come without hard work, and many that do are not often prized.

  35. Great post! It is ultimately more satisfying knowing that you persisted and worked hard for your success, even if it took a bit longer than you wanted. I almost feel guilty if I get something right away; I feel like it should have taken a little more work to get to that point.

  36. Thank you for the like. I completely agree with you here and thank you for your positive energy.

  37. This is a much needed blog. Thanks developing it.

  38. Thank you so much for the message. Your thoughts are obviously from someone who has lived through this. For those who are on a path of every day feeling ‘fine’, they won’t get this. It is until one has a deep inner yearning to be ‘more’, and that ‘more’ can be anything- more driven, organized, optimistic, healthy, loving, giving, spiritual, … on and on; but until one has deeply realized the sacrifices that one must make in order to reach the feeling of ‘success’, whatever success means to him/her, the actualization of sacrifice for that goal gets bigger and bigger; to the extent of living without comforts such as food, heat, cooling, shelter, etc. The drive for the feeling and actualization of the personal success really, truly, makes a person dig deeper than ever before and sacrifice beyond previous comfort zones. The most mental and gut driven needs stop at nothing. Plumbing, electricity, phones, internet; what we can manage to live without is sacrifice for success yielding substance for the starving.

  39. Great post and love the quotes. Keep it up!

  40. I like your blog, it has a lot of valid truths…..thank you for stopping by my page, and travel safe on your life’s path 🙂

  41. What a great inspiring post. Nothing comes from sitting on our backsides and waiting for success to come to us. Hard work dedication and a love and passion for what you do, is a great start to being successful! Hugs Paula xxx

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