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Time Is Precious Waste It Wisely - Unknown

Time Is Precious Waste It Wisely – Unknown

Is there something you’ve been putting off?  Something you’ve been delaying until the “time is right?” Until you have all the steps carefully mapped out?  Until next year, next month, next week?

Be reminded today that life is short and fleeting.  The time for action on your goals and dreams is now, for now is the only time that is certain. 

Time is a most precious resource; it can never be recovered when wasted, you can never purchase any extra, and more of it is never rewarded for superior skills or intellect.  Time is the great equalizer. Today is all there is.  Right now is all there is.  Today is the share we all receive, a second by second exchange, to be used however we choose.

So today, take some action on that goal you’ve been delaying, on that dream you’ve kept in mind only. Use your precious time wisely today. 

Time Is Precious Waste It Wisely – Unknown
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  1. amazing article… sure did inspire me

  2. I totally agree. Time is short and we have to really think about the important things!

  3. True. so true. I really enjoyed this one!

  4. This is brilliant, the title is fantastic… You put things so nicely, with power, and energy, clear and concise, most enjoyable. Will tweet this if you don’t mind.

    Really enjoyed this.

  5. Great post! In the words of Nike: Just DO it. 🙂 Please feel free to take a peak at a similar post of mine: https://sarahwarsi.com/2016/01/30/dont-fall-victim-to-intention-take-action-today/

  6. You followed my blog.. and i thought I’d come by yours.. i really like this article. it Def reached out to me and gave me some positive vibes. Much Love

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