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Today I Will Do What Others Won't, so Tomorrow I Can Accomplish What Others Can't – Jerry Rice

Today I Will Do What Others Won’t, so Tomorrow I Can Accomplish What Others Can’t – Jerry Rice

Living the present, trying to fill every day of our life, is what makes our days valuable and productive.  Sometimes it’s necessary to do things that we would like to avoid.  And sometimes we feel like giving up or procrastinating, like everyone else.  But while others procrastinate, we should make the difference and work hard to get what we want.

According to Albert E.N. Grey, this is the secret to success: doing what others don’t like to do.  In fact, sometimes we think that if others don’t do something, we don’t need to do it either, and we procrastinate. We are just too lazy to take action, and we use this as an excuse to postpone a task, or to give up on something. But here lies our mistake, here is what we can use to succeed, we should do what others don’t want to do.

It’s crucial to believe that what we do today is what we will be tomorrow.  Even more important, we should use this thought to feel motivated every day, focusing on what we could be in the future if we keep going today without letting adversities discourage us.  We should leverage what we want to be in the future, in order to have the strength to do what others don’t do.

Remember that perseverance and patience are the ingredients to success, and doing what others don’t want to do means being unique, because not everyone can be self-disciplined and productive every day.  So, just keep going, step by step, and don’t look back.  Even if it takes time, it’s worth it, and sooner or later you will get there.

Today I Will Do What Others Won’t, so Tomorrow I Can Accomplish What Others Can’t – Jerry Rice
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  1. Great seed, Sira! It is very easy sometimes to procrastinate and become lazy when we are struggling or feeling less than motivated. However, if we want to reach our goals and live a life where we are not slaves to our anxiety and other obstacles, we must work hard.

  2. Thank you for this excellent post. A good reminder about what makes us successful – being willing to do what others won’t.

  3. Sira, I have really enjoyed reading through your blog! This is very enlightening. I just recently read something similar in the book 5 by Dan Zara. He writes that “yesterday is a cancelled check”. There is so much more ahead of you in your future so make the most of everyday. He says your life is a blank canvas so throw paint it as much as you can!

    –the freckly fawn

  4. Hi! Thanks for liking my post 🙂 I thought I’d come over and check out this blog and I’m blown away by the positivity! 🙂 this post is a great reminder that we all need to have a little perspective, so thanks for that 🙂 I look forward to reading more!

  5. You are so right. Follow the road less traveled. Thank you.

  6. Thank you everyone for your nice comments. I’m really glad you liked the post 🙂
    @gettingthroughanxiety – You’re so right, we must work hard everyday if we want to overcome our obstacles, and to reach our goals
    @Brooke Grace – what Dan Zara writes is so true, and I think it helps a lot to think about life as a blank canvas, it motivates me a lot!
    @littlewelsh – glad you liked the post, there are always many inspiring posts on TheSeeds4Life, so keep reading 😉

  7. Powerful quote! Just doing this puts you well ahead of the game!

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