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True Friends Do Not Judge, They Support – B.W. Ginsburg

True Friends Do Not Judge, They Support – B.W. Ginsburg

Being members of society, many of us are quick to judge. Due to standards that have been set over time, it is sometimes forgotten that the best way to understand others, is to really get to know them.

It is said that true friends can be hard to come by. It is not every day that we meet that individual who will stick by us through thick and thin and take the time to listen to our feelings. So many times, those who we think are there for us, end up proving to be just the opposite.

A person who is truly a friend does not jump to conclusions. Someone who really cares for another human being does not try to change or ‘fix’ who they are. Rather, they listen and if they offer their opinions, it is done out of love and respect – not out of manipulation and the desire to control.

If you really seek a good, meaningful friendship, be sure to offer a listening ear and not a quick-to-judge mind. It is more than okay to not always agree with someone you care about, but to bring them down or belittle is far from acceptable behavior. Also, if you find that an individual is treating you in a disrespectful manner, be sure not to let this person destroy your self-confidence.

Be grateful for the genuine friends in your life and never take their love for granted.

True Friends Do Not Judge, They Support – B.W. Ginsburg
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